How to Produce an Effective Self-Service Strategy with KCS®


What you'll learn in this webinar

80% of all customers prefer to self-serve with 91% using Google search before contacting a live support engineer. Fact is, customers want to do business with you, but without having to rely ON you whenever they have a problem.

To provide the ultimate self-service experience, Support and Service leaders are empowering their agents with Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) to create findable, usable, and up-to-date self-service content without bottlenecks or delays.

Join the discussion on Tuesday, July 30th as KCS-veteran David Kay, Principal of DB Kay & Associates and KCS v6 Certified MindTouch Product Manager, Bonnie Chase explore:

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

How to create customer-ready self-service content

with KCS and without adding extra effort for agents, analysts or support engineers

Why customer-focused companies are taking a stance to arm their agents

with the latest KCS methodology for better self-service

Key success factors

for making KCS an effective content engine

Effectively leveraging KCS methodology

to improve and measure customer self-service success

Meet the speakers

David Kay Headshot

David Kay


Bonnie Chase Headshot

Bonnie Chase

Product Owner

Who should attend

Those responsible for improving the customer experience, customer service, and customer support. Digital transformation teams. Leaders responsible for customer journey initiatives.

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