How to Produce an Effective
Self-Service Strategy with KCS

Learn the methodology that service and support leaders are using to elevate their customer experience.

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80% of customers prefer to self-serve

And 91% use Google search before contacting a live support engineer. Fact is, customers want to do business with you, but without having to rely on you whenever they have a problem.

To provide the ultimate self-service experience, Support and Service leaders are empowering their agents with Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) to create findable, usable, and up-to-date self-service content without bottlenecks or delays.

Join the discussion on Tuesday, July 30th as KCS-veteran David Kay, Principal of DB Kay & Associates and KCS v6 Certified MindTouch Product Manager, Bonnie Chase explore:

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

What you’ll learn

How to create customer-ready self-service content
Why customer-focused companies are taking a stance to arm their agents
Effectively leveraging KCS and key success factors

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David Kay
BD Kay & Associates
Bonnie Chase
Bonnie Chase
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