Build a Better Self-Service Strategy

Improve support agent productivity. Increase ticket deflection. Fuel self-service support.

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Since January 1, 2018
Serving the USA and China Markets
Launched 32 countries in under 12 weeks
Doubled site traffic in less than 3 months
Over 6.2 million tickets self-served to date
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Enterprises and fast-growing companies use our smart knowledge base to increase support agent productivity, deflect support tickets, create self-service experiences, and lower overall support costs.

Elevate Customer Satisfaction with Self-Service Support

Give your customers the knowledge they need at exactly the right time, every time. We capture knowledge during support interactions to fuel your self-service engine.

Self-Service Support
Ticket Deflection

An Intelligent Approach to Ticket Deflection

Empower your support customers and improve their experience with relevant support knowledge. Save support costs as your overall ticket volume goes down. Our predictive ticket deflection on your contact form delivers knowledge just in time.

Empower your Agents to Close Tickets Faster

Support agent turnover, new products, and rapid growth are no longer a problem. We support your team by giving them the tools to work smarter. Our smart CRM integration automatically provides the right answer, fast.

Close Tickets Faster

Your customers deserve better self-service experiences.

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