A look at services and onboarding

An interview with 8x8.

Services & Onboarding - An Interview with 8x8

How 8x8 made a smooth transition with MindTouch

For 8x8, it was important to hit the ground running with their new knowledge management solution. Learn how MindTouch Services and Implementation staff helped the 8x8 team start the rollout quickly—and how this made for a smooth transition with minimal impact on the user experience.


Greg: Our first initial rollout plan with MindTouch is we actually moved really fast, and actually, I was impressed with the ability. We signed the contract, I swear it was the next day that we had engaged with the implementation services and we were starting our rollout.

Jessica: We really needed to be able to hit the ground running. All of our support engineers, sales, marketing. There’s a lot more people than we really realized that depend upon the knowledge base, so it was really important that we be able to have a smooth transition so that nothing was missed so that people could find what they needed to find the things that they rely on every day.

Joel: It’s been great. We talked through our requirements very thoroughly. We had a great conf call. The SOW has scheduled objectives and we know what we’re getting and when we’re getting it.

So having access to the sandbox during onboarding really helped us to get hands-on with this system quickly. Click around, get a feel for everything and learn how to administer it from a really first-person perspective.

Jessica: With MindTouch services, it’s more of a sitting-down, figuring out what you want together. Seeing what’s possible, coming up with ideas.

Joel: We wanted a good implementation experience, we wanted to be able to stand up fast, and we were looking for a partner that would communicate clearly with us and understand what our requirements were.

Jessica: Some other vendors have, you know, not been as engaged, not as responsive. You know, kind of more just want to get to the end product. So with this engagement, it’s more of a conversation, more collaboration.

Joel: For customer engagement, it was really important that we start driving to self-service as soon as possible, that we get agents operating more efficiently and that we be able to track that case-to-content relationship as soon as possible. So, a smooth onboarding was going to be paramount to really being able to do that as fast as we could.