Customer Spotlight

Seth Faber

Seth Faber, Sr. Manager of eServices at Hitachi Vantara, leads his company’s knowledge management, Knowledge Centered Service® (KCS®), and online support. Seth created the Hitachi online digital support and service experience, helping build a team around providing online information.

The Hitachi eServices team provides a unified experience that allows all users to find the content they need to get more value from Hitachi products.The content program at Hitachi has received industry recognition for Customer Success and Content Experience.

Fun fact: Seth started in the computer industry while working in his father’s computer store as a teenager. He has always enjoyed building things (including teams of friendly and talented professionals). He believes working with someone is an opportunity to grow and learn from others while building and improving himself.

The Problem Hitachi Vantara Faced

  • Lost articles created by agents – An unstable web knowledge manager made in-the-flow knowledge capture difficult
  • Frustrated customers – Even those who tried to find information using the web self-service portal ended up calling support
  • Reliance on PDF manuals – Aside from providing no content analytics, PDFs were difficult for users to read
  • Missing components of KCS – Specifically, there was no way to create articles based on support tickets, a key component of knowledge centered service
  • Ticket deflection – Inability to adequately prevent “tier 0” tickets lead to costly support volume
  • Customer behavior tracking – No record of what articles customers saw, or what they searched for, prior to submitting a support ticket
  • Field agent knowledge capture – No efficient way for agents to quickly document tribal knowledge while out in the field

What Hitachi Vantara Achieved

  • New digital content strategy including support, engineering, documentation, and professional services
  • 45% week-over-week increase in KCS adoption across five phone support centers (350 total agents)
  • Increased KCS content over 50% per year and set the roadmap for future online digital experiences expected to double digital content interactions year-over-year

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation.