Customer Spotlight

Renee Schaefer

Renee Schaefer, Director of Information Experience (IX) at Code42, is equal parts technical communicator, marketer, web strategist, and leader. Her team helps customers (and prospects) get the job done, quickly and easily, through findable and digestible self-service content. Their customer effort scores prove it, too.

In 2013, Renee created the business case for replacing the existing Code42 web self-service portal with MindTouch. From there, she built the IX team and implemented the new site to rave customer reviews. IX is now known throughout Code42 as a high performing team of customer-obsessed experts that are always willing to help.

Fun fact: Renee has been at Code42 nearly ten years. As one of the longest-tenured employees, she has multiple “firsts” to her name, including first dedicated support engineer, technical writer, and systems trainer. The perspective and knowledge Renee has gained from the many hats she’s worn at Code42 enable her team to stretch beyond traditional tech comm and influence business on multiple fronts.

The Problem Code42 Faced

  • Maintaining multiple wikis to support consumer, small business, and enterprise customers
  • Inability to share knowledge with various customer types across all support channels (security gates, software barriers, permissioning)
  • Redundant, overlapping workflows for internal employees
  • Repeat support requests that could be handled by effective self-service documentation

What Code42 Achieved

  • 59% of enterprise customer respondents strongly agree that Code42 now makes it easy to get help
  • 6 of the top 20 landing pages and 57 of the top 100 are now support pages YTD
  • 65% of traffic to the Code42 Success Center now comes from search engines
  • 33% reduction in small business support requests
  • 24% reduction in consumer-level support requests
  • 18% increase in customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores this year alone