It’s time to make the most from your Salesforce implementation by learning from the best!

For this year’s top 100 list, we compiled metrics—like social media engagement, insider sentiment, and content authoring—for thousands of Salesforce enthusiasts and plugged those into our secret-sauce algorithm. The result? An accurate list of who can walk the talk when it comes to Salesforce and who you should be stalking  following during Dreamforce.

We’ll be adding 5 Salesforce influencers to this post per day and we’ll complete the list of connoisseurs on the last day of Dreamforce. If you’re like us and can’t wait to find out who all the top influencers are for this year, just go ahead and download our complete list right now.

So without further ado, let’s learn more about the top influencers we have revealed so far:

Mike Gerholdt


Phil Walton

Phil Walton Consultancy

Eric Dreshfield


Chris Duarte


Daniel Peter

Kenandy, Inc.

Maria Belli

Radio Frequency Systems

Want access to the complete list of top Salesforce influencers? We’ve got an easy-to-digest PDF for you!

Geraldine Gray


Keir Bowden

BrightGen Ltd

Francis Pindar


Amber Boaz

CodeScience, Inc

Becka Dente

MTI Solutions & Consulting

Steve Mo


Matthew Lamb

10K Advisors

Brian Kwong

Better Partners

Dan Appleman

Full Circle Insights

Cheryl Feldman


Michael Farrington


Charlie Isaacs


Brent Downey, LLC

Rakesh Gupta

Independent Consultant

Jeff Douglas


Peter Coffee


Mick Frederick


Adam Seligman


David Liu


Sarah Deutsch

The MIL Corporation

Saideep Raj


Mary Scotton


Lauren Jordan, LLC

Chris Edwards


Andrew Fawcett

Michael Gill


Daniel Hoechst


Alex Sutherland

CRM Science, Inc

Ben McCarthy


Beth Breisnes

Bigger Boat Consulting

Samantha Ready


Jared Miller

10K Advisors

Andy Boettcher

Demand Chain Systems

Dave Carroll


Ankit Arora

Briskminds Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Garry Polmateer

Red Argyle

Josh Birk


Shawna Wolverton


Oliver Hansen




Going to Dreamforce?

If you’re going to Dreamforce, chances are that you are getting there early before the madness starts. Heard about the Zephyr Hotel? It’s one of the coolest venues in SF (it’s included in a top 100 list somewhere) and it happens to be where MindTouch is hosting its pre-game party on Monday, October 3. You won’t want to miss this event—we’ll even have an astronaut in full suit sharing the latest cuisine from space! So sign up to attend and we’ll promise to save some drinks for you.

If pre-gaming is not your thing, don’t fret. During the conference, just swing by our MindTouch booths, #254 and #2220, located on the Partner floor. You’ll notice that we will be doing a giveaway Oprah-style to leaders who requested a complimentary Content Success report from us beforehand. If you want to know how your help content is shaping your customer engagement and compare it to your competition, we can do it for you—and for free! So request your assessment today and come collect both the report and a special gift from us at Dreamforce.

See you at Dreamforce, friends! And if you can’t make it, just follow us on Twitter—we’ll be reporting in real time on Salesforce galore.

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