The analysts preach it, hundreds of webinars break it down, and your own purchasing process relies on it: a company’s post-sale experience. It is vital to your buyers’ pre-sale decision making, but the same can be said for understanding your current customers’ needs so that you can effectively sell to your future buyers. It is the proverbial chicken-or-the-egg scenario.

What is it like to own and use your product? What is your onboarding process, how effective are your training and support materials? And the million dollar question, how can buyers and customers gain understanding of your products and/or services while you simultaneously procure a deep understanding of their needs?

In less than three minutes learn what these four industry leading companies have done to solve this conundrum.

The reason we say, ‘shorten your enterprise sales cycle today,’ is because this is all done with the documentation you already own. You simply need to make that content work for you, AKA smart content.

Self-service channels allow customers to become proficient on your product without burdening your enterprise sales team. Once they enter the funnel, they are that much further along, expediting and increasing their chance of conversion. Plus, you have now created a roadmap for a successful future utilizing your product or service.

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