The startup life is all about humble beginnings and big ideas. It’s about taking a new and ambitious idea from seed to growth (and enduring a bunch of adversity and heartache along the way). This is the kind of mentality you’ll find at San Diego Startup Week, an opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses in various stages of business to put themselves in a better position to succeed.

And we love it.

What is San Diego Startup Week?

San Diego Startup Week (#SDSW) is the annual gathering of entrepreneurs to collaborate, share, exchange, and build. We enjoy supporting this event for the community spirit it engenders: collaboration over competition; a celebration of successes over the triumph of failure.

The exchange of knowledge.

What makes #SDSW so excellent is the structure of the event itself. It mirrors the common tracks of a startup: idea; seed; growth; dev; design; and marketing. This makes it easy for attendees to hone in on the resources and knowledge most relevant to their stage in the game.

The MindTouch Connection

At MindTouch, we know a thing or two about the highs and lows that accompany a startup’s lifespan. From our early days as a small group operating out of a cramped office, to our move into a downtown highrise, we’ve done our best to remain true to the message and mission of San Diego Startup Week.

Because we’ve been there.

We went through years of bootstrapping before securing Series A funding in 2016. Later that year, we were able to open the MindTouch Global Headquarters. We’ve had the privilege of being a sponsor since 2016. And in 2017, we were honored to continue our support for #SDSW by hosting a Dev track at the MindTouch office.

This year, we’ve proud to sponsor the event once again.

It’s our experience as a startup—a San Diego startup, specifically—that has made it such a privilege to be involved with San Diego Startup Week. It’s an opportunity to support local entrepreneurs as they pursue the next great idea.

Did you Know?

There are a lot of startups in San Diego. In 2016, 477 new startups joined the mix in San Diego County alone. Across the country, the number of new startups every year is almost too difficult to define.

What we do know is that it’s a hard road for the startup entrepreneur. Though the numbers vary, they don’t lie: the majority (75-90%) of venture-backed startups won’t make it.

That makes collaborative events like #SDSW that much more important.

How to get involved in #SDSW

Though it’s certainly not easy to make it as a startup—even if you do secure funding and experience growth—those that do make it have a chance to truly impact both the local and national landscape.

We’re thrilled to continue supporting San Diego Startup Week another year.

You can get involved, too. The best way is to get tickets and join the conversation. While you’re perusing the various sessions, be sure to poke your head in and tune into our very own Ari Hoffman, Customer Success Fanatic. Ari will join who Tiffany Morin Director of Client Strategy Gimbal, Shona Fenner, Director of Customer Success, at PetDesk, and Alice Ewell Director of Customer Success at Seismic for a panel on how to drive SaaS growth with customer success.

Space is limited – hope to see you there!