MindTouch for Salesforce has arrived! Our brand-new Salesforce integration is specifically designed to boost agent efficiency and make customers happier. It is a seamless knowledge base experience within the CRM that can help shorten mean time to resolution, limit context switching, and reduce frustrating (and time-consuming) repetition.

How does MindTouch for Salesforce work?

Essentially, the MindTouch for Salesforce integration is a way for customer support agents to access knowledge base content within their Salesforce implementation. They can search for knowledge base articles, see what solutions customers have already viewed, and link verified solutions to cases. Here’s how it looks in action:

Screenshot of the MindTouch for Salesforce integration

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Key features of the MindTouch for Salesforce integration

First and foremost, MindTouch for Salesforce uses our Guided Content Framework to deliver a full navigation experience of the MindTouch site without having to leave the CRM. This is our answer to all that frustrating “context switching” that costs customer support agents so much time. You know the usual suspects: switching between interfaces, changing tabs, and constantly tracking down article URLs to copy/paste.

Screenshot of how agents can view full knowledge base articles without ever having to leave the Salesforce interface

In-the-flow customer insights

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of this integration is the instant availability of customer insights that enable faster ticket handling time. When a support ticket comes in, for example, MindTouch for Salesforce will automatically populate knowledge base article search results based on the subject line of the ticket. Insights include what the customer searched for, what articles that customer already viewed before submitting the support ticket. This eliminates the need for agents to perform an additional search, saving time. Of course, if support agents do not see a suitable knowledge base article for the case type, they can quickly search the knowledge base right there within the CRM.

Screenshot of the search functionality in the MindTouch for Salesforce integration

Link article to case

When customer support agents do identify a knowledge base solution that resolves a particular problem, they can link knowledge base articles to cases with a click of a button. The link to case button saves the article title and URL to the clipboard so the agent can quickly send that article to a customer via email.

Once an agent links a case to an article, any Salesforce user can then see that information in the flow. This is useful for customer support agents dealing with similar cases, of course, as they can arrive at a useful knowledge base solution that much faster.

In addition, customer support managers can go back and look at record of cases and see all of the articles that helped solve a particular case. Knowledge base managers, too, will be interested in which articles are helping customer support agents resolve cases faster, so they can make sure these articles, especially, are optimized and up to date.

Time to say goodbye to too many open tabs

Finally, MindTouch for Salesforce integrates with both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning. This makes for a flexible solution that provides both customer support agent and customer with the best possible experience. With MindTouch for Salesforce, agents don’t have to leave their CRM system to find knowledge base solutions and useful documentation. The less context switching, the better. Because the more productive your support agents, the happier your customers.

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