NOTE: MindTouch Core is no longer supported. MindTouch is now a cloud-based service that helps your product documents become a self-service customer support and customer engagement tool.

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With the exception of existing customers, MindTouch will no longer support or maintain Core or Platform. If you are an existing customer of MindTouch Platform, the year 2013 was your last opportunity to renew this product. MindTouch will support and maintain your deployment for the full annual term and all future purchases of licenses will have to be of our current MindTouch product.

I strongly encourage you to upgrade to our latest version. This new version is cloud-based, literally two orders of magnitude more performant, more secure. A much better product overall.

A Brief History of MindTouch Core and Platform

We released MindTouch Core, the free and open source version, in July, 2006. That early release was a prototype of what was to come. A year later, ranked Core one of the most popular open source projects in the world.

In 2008, MindTouch introduced a commercial version we named Platform. Core and Platform have been used by millions of people all over the world. These products will undoubtedly continue to be used for years to come. Core has been forked and there are more hosting providers than I could count that provide packages and hosting. All of us at MindTouch are very proud of these two products. They’ve served more people than I ever expected at our humble beginnings in the basement of my condo in Maplewood, MN and Steve’s apartment in Redmond, WA.

MindTouch Core and Platform have been used to build a variety collaborative applications. These applications have ranged from Amazon’s social network for book enthusiasts,, to social Intranet infrastructures at the largest telcos and even the Pentagon. When properly installed and configured, the product is damn near bullet-proof. Over the years we’ve received awards for the engineering quality and I’ve had the privilege of hearing remarkable stories from all over the world that attest to the durability of our work.

In late 2009, we set a course for MindTouch that would ensure the end of Core/Platform. We were determined to move away from packaging and shipping on-premise software. It just doesn’t make sense to ship software anymore. The effort required to package and test for several flavors of Windows, various Linux distros and virtualization environments was effort that could instead be invested in making the product better for customers.

It was clear that a cloud delivered product meant we could innovate faster and provide a vastly superior product to our users.

In 2010, MindTouch launched our first enterprise grade cloud-delivered product. We moved from a 4-6 month release cycle to a weekly release cycle and haven’t looked back. By the end of 2010, we began the process of upgrading our Platform customer base and informing Platform customers that this on-premise product would be sunsetting over the next two years. That time has come. We’ve managed to produce a major version release since then and put out more than the promised two maintenance releases a year for Core/Platform (average was four per year).

The Future of MindTouch

Today, the vast majority of our business is on our cloud product. The difference between our cloud offering and the old MindTouch Core and Platform builds is sufficiently profound as to render the two entirely unrecognizable. These are two completely different self-service customer support products. If you’re a MindTouch Core and Platform user I encourage you to check out the latest version of MindTouch. We stopped selling new Platform licenses in late 2011 and today we have a small base of customers that should upgrade because the cloud product is just so much better.

If you wish to maintain a MindTouch deployment, but you cannot use cloud—presumably because corporate security constraints are more stringent than the Central Intelligence Agency—you can purchase a perpetual Platform license.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I’ve already purchased a renewal this year? Nothing changes for you other than you will not be able to purchase a new Platform license next year. You will still receive the same level of support through the term of your license. If you have an annual license, this will expire next year. If you have a perpetual license, you can, of course, continue to use this license in perpetuity. After the term of your support plan purchased this year you will not be able to purchase support again.
  2. What if I have a perpetual Platform license or I am interested in purchasing a perpetual Platform license? Great. Business as usual. However, I strongly encourage you to consider the cloud product for the aforementioned reasons.
  3. Will MindTouch continue to maintain the MindTouch Core code base? No. Today the MindTouch Cloud codebase is already four years forked from MindTouch Core.
  4. Will MindTouch continue to maintain SGMLReader, MindTouch DReAM  and continue to contribute to other open source projects you have in the past? Yes.

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