To reduce repeat support tickets, support agents need to play a part in creating content that solves for low-level service interactions. The problem is, tier one support agents might not feel confident enough to create that content, whether lacking the subject matter expertise or understanding. This can limit participation in knowledge creation, reuse, and improvement, and stunt the forward progress of a broader knowledge management strategy.

Learn How Hitachi Proactively Supports Engagement

Gaining confidence starts with trust which is built through participation. Here’s a quick, actionable tip: Promote content reuse among support agents—as they see that the KB works, they’ll engage more and be more open to contributing knowledge themselves. That tip comes from, Seth Faber, Global eServices Manager at Hitachi. In the video below, Seth expands on this idea and discusses exactly how he increased agent participation to help grow the Hitachi self-service offering and uncover tribal knowledge in real time.

How Hitachi Leverages Tribal Knowledge to Optimize Support Agent Productivity

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A Deep Dive Into the Hitachi Knowledge Management Strategy

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