Ari Hoffman began his career at MindTouch in 2015 as Senior Onboarding Manager. His talent for training agents to speak to customers as humans, rather than script readers, put him on a successful path to onboarding new customers in as little as three months. After spending two and half years as the MindTouch Success Fanatic, his ability to deliver a consistent and engaging customer voice has pushed him into his new role as Head of Customer Success Marketing.

Customer service is only a small part of Ari’s daily duties, his caring demeanor results in Champion Spotlights and customer testimonials that don’t just celebrate what MindTouch has accomplished, but what the customer themselves have achieved. For Ari, customer service is about going beyond the daily duties of serving a customer, it’s about recognizing them as individuals.

How to Turn Customers into Friends

In fact, many of the customers Ari champions, have become close friends of his. “The most meaningful interaction with a customer, says Ari, “would be meeting someone who was having a hard time engaging with our product and going through some sticky times. But because of the connection we were able to develop, this person is a friend now.”

Ari considers the chance to connect with customers on a more personal level a privilege. “I just moved to a new city and this customer, knowing that we had no friends or family in the area, they put us up for a barbecue for my birthday, for my wife and myself with friends there of his, introducing us to a new network of people, his family, so our kids got to play with his kids.”

How the Voice of the Customer Should be Used

Ari believes the customer’s voice is the most important piece of every customer service interaction. “I focus on championing the customer’s voice, making sure that the customer is heard and that other customers are able to hear that un-manicured voice from the customers that I’m engaged with. That way, it can help drive them towards optimizing their use of our products or software.” When the customer’s voice is heard and shared, that customer has a better experience and paves a path for future customers looking to achieve the same goals.

With optimization of the software comes developing KPIs to measure success. Scores like NPS, CSAT, and CES are valuable measurements to understand customers’ pain points and where improvements can be made. “One of the things that everybody knows you need today is strong KPIs. Because we’ve become so dependent on KPIs and those objectives and outcomes, we forget that the person on the other side is a person,” says Ari. “Although it is extremely important to have those outcomes measured, it’s also really important to understand what outcomes the individuals need at that individual level.” However, the customer’s true voice is often missing.

When KPIs are taken into consideration with qualitative customer feedback, customers are set up for success with the ability to succeed on their own in the MindTouch platform. MindTouch’s ability to break silos and import content into a unified experience enables customers to hit those KPIs every time. “MindTouch provides an end to end solution. Instead of having to create all of these individual silos that you have to spend time trying to make consistent, MindTouch creates that seamless experience throughout and then engages it elsewhere.”

MindTouch’s goal to unite customers is made possible by the people championing customers to provide a great customer experience. Ari is one of the many people who work hard to put the customer first and see that their voices are being heard.

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