If the latest CRM Vendor Guide from Gartner is any indication, the business value of scalable knowledge management systems is rapidly expanding. Use cases, too. From marketing, sales, and commerce to analytics and call center infrastructure, the creation and delivery of knowledge can create lower effort customer service experiences for internal and external customers alike. In this latest report, MindTouch is listed as a leader in Knowledge Management for Customer Service.

Here’s a closer look at Gartner’s essentials of KM and where MindTouch software fits into the mix.

Guide to Evaluating KM Platforms

9 areas to look at closely when you're deciding on a knowledge management platform

Knowledge management essentials

The CRM Vendor Guide from Gartner breaks knowledge management for customer service down into a six essential areas:

  1. Agent
  2. Corporate
  3. Social
  4. Partner
  5. Search
  6. Hosted community

Ostensibly, solutions that made this report are capable of delivering knowledge in at least a few of these areas (if not all). This, to us, is the essential function of good knowledge management systems: enabling organizations to position their documentation—product knowledge, online help, etc.—so that the right knowledge surfaces at the right times.

As we’ve found working with our own customers, this kind of approach to knowledge management can help eliminate friction points throughout the customer journey by meeting customers where they expect to be met. In the context of customer service, this is ideal for low-effort self-service experiences that make contacting support unnecessary.

Where does MindTouch fit in?

As a leader in knowledge management for customer service, MindTouch software is well suited to deliver better content experiences for three particular areas listed in the Gartner report: Agent, Corporate, and Partner. That means the ability to organize, structure, and deliver timely content across every service and support channel.

This could be within the agent experience, as with our various SAP, SugarCRM, and Salesforce integrations, or at the corporate level with online help centers and company knowledge bases.

Like most Gartner reports, the CRM Vendor Guide is expansive and detailed. To learn more about the Knowledge Management for Customer service, along with best practices and useful recommendations, read the CRM Vendor Guide.