Question: What do you get when you take your product or service’s static technical, sales, and training content and turn it all into smart content?

Answer: An inbound lead generating and sales funnel shortening machine like Avalara’s Success Center.

Learn why you need to change the way you look at your product documentation (cost reducing, post-sale materials). You are sitting on a treasure trove of content that with a few simple adjustments can be converted into smart content that drives Google Search results, escalates sales, reduces churn, and creates brand promoters out of your customers.

Transcript of Interview

Tom Pacholke: What we wanted to do is build a system that was very much in line with what our customers are telling us. We started out with a simple knowledge base project and then it morphed into all of our content. What we’re trying to do is do a paradigm shift in terms of that paper manual. You know, I think at that time for one product was a hundred and fifty pages So we wanted to try and leverage contemporary view, web publishing,  very topical, but serve that up in multiple channels and that could be used by our agents on the phone, it could even be our salespeople. That’s one of the most incredible things that we see today, now we have that source of truth or services, which the  growth and the adoption have grown exponentially, which provides tons of opportunity for us, because the more data that we get, and we’re really data-driven organization, not only from the products and services that we provide our customers, but we can leverage it to tie in all these other touchpoints. Whether it’s web, whether it’s our buying funnel, whether it’s our ecommerce sites, it’s our NPS (Net Promoter Score), it’s our CSAT surveys, they tie that all together to where we can make intelligent decisions.

Meredith Stevens: Internal teams are documenting through it, they house our KB (Knowledge Base) articles, they’re putting training content in there, it truly is the powerhouse of knowledge for Avalara.

Jeffrey Lutters: It’s just proven itself time and time again over the past year so we’re very committed to the technology.

Tom Pacholke: This gives us a real mechanism to make change and it’s really the adoption side of it that drives it.

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