So whose problem is content?! The answer is everybody’s (tech writers, engineers, marketers, support reps, etc.) and the reality is, it’s an opportunity not a problem. All the evidence points to product content acting as the bridge to engage customers the way they want to connect, controlling how they positively experience your brand.

With Google in our pockets, information will be found one way or the other. It’s better you control that conversation and not some YouTube video, blog site, community forum, or worseyour competitor. The time is at hand to plot a course and use your product manuals and how-to’s to create a journey that leads your potential customers from the research phase to reaffirming the buy, to succeeding with your product or service.

To quickly ramp up your company’s content, learn from the masterminds of content strategy. We have identified today’s leading Content Strategist Influencers (those active in the public eye) within the industry.

In order to do this, we evaluated thousands of members within this community and created a measurement that took into account a wide range of metrics including internet presence, influence, and community engagement and participation (including conference appearances). We then had three judges, all recognized for their industry insights, vote on the top 25 finalists from the list of influencers. Here are our judges:

Meet the Judges

Jack Molasani (Executive Director of LavaCon)

Scott Abel (Content Wrangler of the IDW conference)

Al Martine (Partner TechWhirl Mag)

We compiled the list of 2016’s top 25 Content Strategists who are well-known and reputable influencers around the world so that you can:

  • Easily visualize a community of thought leaders
  • Follow them online to get the latest insights on industry trends
  • Engage in valuable conversations within the community
  • Target them at LavaCon or a conference near you to deepen your connection

And Here They Are!

Unparalleled Content Strategist Influencers

Sarah O’Keefe – Founder – Scriptorium Publishing (perfect score), @sarahokeefe
Ann Rockley – Founder – The Rockley Group (perfect score), @arockley

Leading Content Strategist Influencers

Rahel Anne Bailie – CKO – Scroll, @rahelab
Kevin Nichols – Director of Content Strategy – SapientNitro, @kpnichols
Val Swisher – CEO – Content Rules, @valswisher
Joe Gollner – Managing Director – Gnostyx Research, @joegollner
Andrea Ames – Content Experience Strategist – IBM, @aames
Eeshita Grover – Senior Manager, Technical Communications – Cisco Systems, @eeshitagrover
Marta Rauch – Information Developer – Oracle, @martarauch
Noz Urbina – Founder – Urbina Consulting, @nozurbina
Robert D. Anderson – Architect, DITA Open Toolkit – IBM, @robander
Cruce Saunders – Founder – Aimple [A], @mrcruce
JoAnn Hackos – President – Comtech Services, @jthackos
Alan J. Porter – Content Strategist / Senior Product Marketing Mgr. – OpenText, @alanjporter
Niamh Collins – Global Content Strategist – Amazon Ireland, no twitter
Sharon Burton – Technical Communication and Design Specialist – PointClickCare, no twitter
Phylise Banner – President – Phylise Banner Consulting, @phylisebanner
Hilary Marsh – Chief Strategist – Content Company Inc, @hilarymarsh
Kit Brown-Hoekstra – President – Comgenesis, @kitcomgenesis
Bill Swallow – Global Content Strategist – Scriptorium Publishing, @billswallow
Michael Priestley – Enterprise Content Strategist – IBM, @Ditaguy
Stefan Gentz – Worldwide TechComm Evangelist – Adobe Systems, @stefangentz
Marli Mesibov – Director of Content Strategy – Mad*Pow, @marsinthestars
Alyssa Fox – Director of Information Dev – Micro Focus, @afox98
Jonathan Colman – Product UX + Content Strategy Lead – Facebook, @jcolman
Tom Johnson – Tech Writer – Amazon Lab126, @tomjohnson

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Top 25 Content Strategist Influencers 2016

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