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Scott Abel, President, The Content Wrangler, @scottabel
Michael Abrams, Senior Talent Management Leader, Banner Health, @MikeAbrams
Ugur Akinci, Sr. Technical Writer, Honeywell, @technicalwriter
Bill Albing, Senior Information Architect, Paragon Application Systems Inc, @BillAlbing
Thomas M. Aldous, CEO/Founder, The Content Era, LLC, @tmaldous
David Alfaro, Central America Operations Chief, agilityFeat Inc, @agilenature
Keith Anderson, Vice President Business Development, LilyPad EV, @elearning
David Anderson, Community Manager, Articulate Global , Inc., @suredoc
Chris Atherton, Usability Advisor/Rådgiver, Netlife Research, @finiteattention
Rahel Anne Bailie, Chief Knowledge Officer, Scroll LLP, @rahelab
Darren Barefoot, Partner, Capulet Communications Inc, @dbarefoot
Dennis Baron, Professor of English and Linguistics, University of Illinois System, @DrGrammar
Lynn Beighley, Bestselling Author, Author, @LynnBeighley
Scott Bennett, Manager, Corporate Communications, The Procter & Gamble Company, @ScottB3nn3tt
Chris Benz, Director of Online Events, The eLearning Guild, @chris_benz
Corrie Bergeron, Instructional Designer, Lakeland Community College, @skydaddy
George Bina, XML Editor, Syncro Soft, @georgebina
Tristan Bishop, Senior Director of Social Marketing, Informatica Corporation, @KnowledgeBishop
Lauren Bishop, Director of Content Strategy, Relequint, @missprint95
Tracy L. Bissette, Architect, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, @TLBissette
Nicky Bleiel, President, Society for Technical Communication, @nickybleiel
Margot Bloomstein, Brand and Content Strategist, Appropriate, Inc., @mbloomstein
Jane Bozarth Bozarth, Editor-in-Chief, eLearn Magazine, @JaneBozarth
Paul Brady, Lead/Manager, Documentation and Training at Akamai Technologies, Akamai Technologies , Inc., @paulcbrady
Andrew Bredenkamp, Founder & CEO, Acrolinx, @abredenkamp
James Breeze, Chief Executive Officer, Objective Experience, @jamesbreeze
Kit Brown-Hoekstra, Fellow and former President, Society for Technical Communication, @kitcomgenesis
Arnold Burian, Senior Manager, Global Technology, Deloitte LLP, @arnoldburian
Sharon Burton, Teach Tech Comm To Engineering Students, University of California, @sharonburton
Kerry Butters, Founder and Director, markITwrite Ltd, @kesbutters
Craig Cardimon, Writer, Senior Technical Writer Marketing Systems Group, @craigcardimon
Joyce Carter, Chief Financial Officer, EyeGuide, @JoyceLocke
Tony Chung, Senior Information Developer, BMC Software Inc, @techcom
Leonor Ciarlone, Content Specialist, Ahold Delhaize, @Lciarlone
Stephen R. Clark, Principal, Clever Smith Writing, @brianclark
Brian Clark, Chief Executive Officer, Rainmaker Digital LLC, @stephenrclark
Darrel W. Cole, Assistant Vice President/Manager, Communications/Public Involvement Group, WSP, @transPR
Chris Collins, Partner, Great Rok, @fleep
Jonathon Colman, Principal Experience Architect, REI, @jcolman
Brant Cooper, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Moves the Needle, @brantcooper
Abby Covert, Independent Information Architect, Abby the IA, @Abby_the_IA
Larry Davies, Specialist: Professional Development and Practice, HCT, @skubwa
Jessica Dickerson, Product Analyst, Alert Logic Inc, @texaswriter
Katie Dill, Head of Experience Design, Airbnb Inc, @lil_dill
Seth Earley, Chief Executive Officer, Earley & Associates Inc, @sethearley
Monte Enbysk, Writer, Marketing Consultant, Microsoft Alumni Network, @monteenbysk
Mike Enders, Owner, Enders Design, @EndersDesign
David Farbey, Senior Technical Consultant, Myriad Associates, @dfarb
Mark Fidelman, Chief Executive Officer, FANATICS MEDIA INC, @markfidelman
Christie Fidura, Founder, Meetup Inc, @cfidurauk
Mignon Fogarty, Grammar Girl and Founder of Quick and Dirty Tips, Quick and Dirty Tips, @GrammarGirl
Alyssa Fox, Director of Information Development and Program Management, Micro Focus, @afox98
Ben Fry, Founder and Principal, Fathom, @ben_fry
Aaron Fulkerson, Co-Founder and CEO, MindTouch, @Roebot
Ray Gallon, Co-Founder and Principal Researcher, The Transformation Society, @RayGallon
giovanni gallucci, Social Media Strategist, Digital Media Producer and Community Manager, Live.Loud.Texas, @giovanni
Aleksandar Gargenta, Chief Architect, Marakana Inc, @sasa
Anne Gentle, Product Manager, Cisco Systems Inc, @annegentle
Stefan Gentz, Worldwide TechComm Evangelist, Adobe, @stefangentz
Joe Gollner, Managing Director, Gnostyx Research Inc., @joegollner
Matt Gourd, Technical Writer, MIRACL, @matt_gourd
Nandini Gupta, Senior Manager, Content and Community, Adobe, @nandinizg
Kristina Halvorson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Brain Traffic, @halvorson
Richard Hamilton, Marketing / Recruitment Specialist & Co-Owner, Guru Careers, @richardhamilton
Roger Hart, Product Manager, Red Gate Software Ltd, @RMH40
Sue Heim, Info Dev Manager, Yubico, @sue_sd
Robert Hempsall, Highly Skilled Information Designer and Consultant, Information Design Ltd, @roberthempsall
Cynthia Hernandez, Founder, KirinGie.Me, @dhsllc
Mike Hiatt, Lead Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc, @mfhiatt
Catherine Hibbard, Business and Technical Writing Trainer, Cypress Media Group Inc, @WritingTrainer
Kim Higdon, Product Manager, Synapse Studios LLC, @kim_higdon
Ari Hoffman, Owner and Advisor (Former Chief Operating Officer), GOBIE H2O, @arigobie
Eric Holscher, Founder, Verb the Nouns, @ericholscher
Rachel Houghton, Information Developer, Rockwell Automation, Inc., @rjhoughton
Alan Houser, Technical Publishing Consultant and Trainer, Owner, Group Wellesley , Inc., @arh
Troy Howard, Documentarian, Super Genius, Twitter, @adrianh
Adrian Howard, Generalising Specialist, Quietstars, @thoward37
Brenda Huettner, Technical Communicator, Society for Technical Communication, @bphuettner
Cindy Huggett, Consultant | Facilitator | Author | Speaker, @cindyhugg
Caroline Jarrett, Instructor, Usability, @cjforms
Tom Johnson, Creative Director, Fresh Brewed Tees Inc, @tomjohnson
Colleen Jones, Columnist, ContentWRX, @leenjones
Tony Karrer, CTO, TechEmpower, @tonykarrer
Will Kelly, Freelance Technical Writer, Will Kelly Writes, @briankelly
Brian Kelly, Director, UK Web Focus, @willkelly
Galyna Key, Learning Experience Manager, Datix Ltd, @galynakey
dan klyn, Information Architecture Teacher, University of Michigan School of Information, @danklyn
Larry Kollar, Senior Technical Writer, ARRIS Group Inc, @FARfetched58
johanna kollmann, Director, Us and the Machines, @johannakoll
David Kowalsky, Senior Technical Writer, F5 Networks Inc, @davkow
Larry Kunz, Director at Large, STC Carolina, @larry_kunz
Jay Lambert, President and Chief Executive Officer, Integrated Learning Services, Inc., @LambertJay
Kelli Lawless, Digital and Content Strategist, Editorial Lead, Ubuntu, @kellilawless
Jon Lax, Director, Product Design, Facebook, @jlax
Kristi Leach, Senior UX Researcher, Allstate, @Kristil
Lee LeFever, Band Manager, Robot Co-op, @leelefever
Miriam Lottner, Founder/CEO, Relequint, @mlottner
Sarah Maddox, Technical Writer, Google Inc, @sarahmaddox
Karen Mardahl, Technical Writer, SimCorp Ltd, @kmdk
Marcy Marro, Editor, Metal Construction News, @marcymarro
Rosalie Marshall, Technical Author, Government Digital Service, @RosalieMarshall
Deanna Mascle, Writing Instructor, Morehead State University, @deannamascle
Elliott Masie, President, The MASIE Center, @emasie
Mike McCallister, Senior Document Architect, PKWARE Inc, @WorkingWriter
Darin McClure, Corporate Media Strategist, Ready To Go Information Technologies, @DarinR
Gerry McGovern, Design Director, Land Rover Insurance, @gerrymcgovern
Mark D. McGuire, Project Coordinator, TrainingRelief Inc, @MarkMcGuireD
Chris McNulty, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft, @cmcnulty2000
Mary McRae, Senior Project Manager and Analyst, RSI Content Solutions, @fiberartisan
Marli Mesibov, Managing Editor, UX Booth, @marsinthestars
Lori Meyer, Vice President Membership, STC San Diego, @lrmeyer747
Ron Miller, Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft Corporation, @ron_miller
Olivia Mitchell, Presentation Trainer, Effective Speaking, @OliviaMitchell
Jack Molisani, President, ProSpring Inc., @JackMolisani
Paul Mueller, Director: Usability, Information Development, and Design, UserAid, @Paul_UserAid
Karen Mulholland, Senior Technical Writer, Vaddio, @kemulholland
Cheri Mullins, UX & Usability Analysis Consultant, USAA, @cherimullins
Kat Nagel, Owner, MasterWork Consulting, @katnagel
Sarah O’Keefe, Founder and President, Scriptorium Publishing Services Inc, @sarahokeefe
Michael O’Neill, Global Workplace Research, Haworth Inc, @timoreilly
Tim O’Reilly, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, O’Reilly, @moehlert
Mark Oehlert, Manager, Networked Learning,, Inc., @mojoneill
Ian Oeschger, Lead Web Developer, IBM Corporation, @oeschger
Matthew Olson, President, Tumblr, @_Signalfire_
Koreen Pagano, Product Management Director, D2L Corporation, @KoreenPagano
Christopher Pappas, Consultant, Global Realty Consulting LLC, @cpappas
Jeff Parks, Co-Owner, ConnectOTT, @jeffparks
Traci Pearson, Writer and Editor / Consultant, Pearson Technical Communication, @PearsonTechComm
Denise BYE PHILLIPE, Senior Consultant, User Experience Lead, CGI Group Inc, @theguigirl
Anna Pickard, PR, Communications and Social Media, TfGM, @annapickard
Matt Pierce, Integrated Marketing Manager for Video and Social Media, TechSmith Corporation, @piercemr
David Pogue, Tech Columnist, Scientific American, @Pogue
Alan J. Porter, President and Founder, The Beatles Store, @alanjporter
Rahul Prabhakar, CoE Head (Technical Writer), InterGlobe Technologies Ltd, @rahulprabhakar
Ellis Pratt, Director, Consulting Technical Communicator, Cherryleaf, @ellispratt
Alan Pringle, Chief Operating Officer, Scriptorium Publishing, @alanpringle
Whitney Quesenbery, Co-Founder, Center for Civic Design, @whitneyq
Clark Quinn, Principal, Internet Time Alliance, @Quinnovator
Ruben Quinones, Transcon Supervisor, Expeditors International Of Washington Inc, @rubenq
Marta Rauch, Information developer, Oracle Corporation, @martarauch
Ginny Redish Redish, President, Redish & Associates, Inc., @GinnyRedish
Eric Redmond, Solutions Architect, Director, Nike, @coderoshi
Mike Rice, Customer Success Manager, easyDITA, @mikerice126
Sarah Richards, Content strategist and digital consultant, The Co-op, @escmum
Stevie Rocco, Instructional Designer, Northeastern University, @stevier
Marilyn Rogers, Senior Marketing Manager, Return Path, Inc., @MarilynSRogers
Steve Rubel, Chief Content Strategist, Edelman Inc, @steverubel
David Ryan, Cofounder, Corilla, @DaveDri
Yvonne Wade Sanchez, UX Researcher, Writer, Designer, Dallas Texas Consultants, @ywsanchez
Michelle Sander, Director of Marketing Communications, Partnet Inc, @lomicsa
Will Sansbury, User Experience Architect, Deluxe Corporation, @willsansbury
Rick Sapir, Webmaster, Carolina Chapter of STC, @ricksapir
Geoffrey Sauer, Director,, @geoffsauer
Christy Sherman Sherman, Content Management & Digital Strategy, Dialog Direct, @bshermcincy
Bryan Sherman, Owner, Blue Collar Design, @xysherman
Kevin Siegel, Training Partner and Conference Speaker, Adobe, @Kevin_Siegel
Aaron E. Silvers, Partner, MakingBetter, @aaronesilvers
Tom Smith, Product Marketing Lead, EMEA, Salesforce, @Thomas_Smithy
Clay Spinuzzi, Professor, Texas Memorial Museum of Science and History, @spinuzzi
Jared Spool, Faculty, Tufts University, @jmspool
Pat Stark, Controller, Northside Salvage Yard, @TrDev
Michael A. Stelzner, Senior Staff Software Engineer, Motorola Solutions , Inc., @Mike_Stelzner
Emily Stoddard, Writer, Workshop Leader & Communications Guide, Voice & Vessel, @emilystoddard
Kath Straub, Principal,, @kathstraub
Katie Stroud, President, Owner, Incremental Success, @KatieStroudPro
Ginger Stuckey, Senior Technical Writer, Southern Company, @gstuckey
Matt Sullivan, Founder, Tech Comm Tools, @mattrsullivan
Mary Sutton, Graphic Designer, Mosbrook Design Inc., @mary_sutton73
Bill Swallow, Technical Consultant, Scriptorium Publishing Services Inc, @billswallow
Val Swisher, Chief Executive Officer, Content Rules Inc, @valswisher
Frank Tagader, President, Society for Technical Communication, @ftagader
Heather Taylor, Director of Content Strategy for North America, The Economist, @heatherAtaylor
Kirsty Taylor, Senior Manager – Documentation and Localization, ABB Ltd, @kirstyt
Kas Thomas, Technical Writer, ID Technologies Inc, @kasthomas
David Dylan Thomas, Senior Experience Designer, Think Brownstone Inc, @movie_pundit
Kevin Thorn, Chief NuggetHead, NuggetHead, @LearnNuggets
Brian Thurston, Design Manager,, Inc., @brian_thurston
Jeff Tillett, Learning Technologist & Media Producer, Mojocat Creative Services, @mojotillett
Gina Trapani, Developer / Founder / Writer, Postlight, @ginatrapani
Bill Trippe, Director of Technology, MIT Press, @billtrippe
Ali Turnbull, Owner, Print Limited, @fit_to_print
Edward VanArsdall, Communications Consultant, @evanarsdall
Jim Vanides, Teacher, Montana State University, @jgvanides
Julio Vazquez, Senior Content Analyst, Vasont Systems, @juliov27612
Danielle M. Villegas, Founder and Head Blogger,, @TechCommGeekMom
Sia Vogel, Teacher, Twitter, @siavogel
Ivan Walsh, Technical Writer (Financial Services), Misys plc, @ivanwalsh
Betsy Weber, Field Community Program Manager With Industry, Microsoft Corporation, @betsyweber
David Weinberger, Mobile Project Manager, B&H Photo Video, @dweinberger
Andrea Wenger, Incoming Membership Manager, STC Carolina, @AndreaJWenger
Lieve Weymeis, Freelancer, Lilybiri Consultant/Trainer, @Lilybiri
Simon Whatley, Senior User Experience Designer, Yoti, @whatterz
Benjamin Wiederkehr, Partner and Interaction Designer, Interactive Things, @datavis
David Wilkins, Chief Marketing Officer, HealthcareSource, @dwilkinsnh
Jason Willensky, Instructional Designer, Willensky Group, @jwillensky
Greg Williams, eLearning Design & Development, University of Maryland Baltimore County, @gregwilliams123
James Williamson, Senior Digital Producer, Telstra Corporation Limited, @jameswillweb
Ben Woelk, ISO Program Manager, Rochester Institute of Technology, @benwoelk
Erik Wolf, Founder, Estound, @erikwolf
Nina Zipkin, Editorial Assistant, Inc, @NinaZipkin

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Top 200 Recognized Content Strategists 2016

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