“This list is packed with people who inspire and elevate me on a regular basis. It’s a huge honor to be a part of this movement with such awesome people.”
Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight

Two comprehensive lists, one voted on by a select judging panel, one publicly voted on by the customer success community, both aimed at highlighting those influencers and strategists who are working tirelessly to push the industry forward. They represent our TOP Customer Success Influencers and Strategists of 2018.

Top 25 Customer Success Influencers

The Top 25 Customer Success Influencers have taken it upon themselves to not only work internally, pushing their own company KPIs forward, but they take the time to share their experiences with the entire community, allowing others to prosper from their successes and avoid common pitfalls that only experience can expose. They open the door to scrutiny, objections, and public failure by exposing their outcomes and perspective on the industry; but, this vulnerability has cause an expedited advancement of the most important KPI of all: our customers’ success.

Top 100 Customer Success Strategists

The Top 100 Customer Success Strategists — The People’s Choice Award is first curated through open nominations, then voted on during a public polling period where the Top 100 are selected out of thousands of submitted names. The open poll process allows MindTouch to remove itself from the equation, expose potential names that could be missed, and takes into account the relevant sentiment at the time. This helps curb the big names (or titles) in the industry from reigning supreme year over year.

This year, between the nominations and voting period, over 3,200 people participated in helping to select and promote the Top 100 Customer Success Strategists. Last year, we had just over 800 between the two—the year before that, less than 500 participated. That means the industry cares, the market sees it’s value, and change is happening right before our eyes.

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