There are many activities that a conference attendee must consider (see video below). What sessions are you going to attend, what products are being released, how many networking events are you going to try to make it to? But most importantly, how do you know which companies deserve your attention and are important enough to engage with while you are at Dreamforce 2018?

Don’t stress, G2 Crowd is here to help. Until recently, selecting business software or services was difficult, risky, and inherently biased. G2 Crowd’s real, verified user reviews help you objectively assess what’s best for your business and your customers. Not to mention that they can import your user reviews directly into Salesforce to help you track, share, and collect reviews, all without leaving the ecosystem.

I spoke to Michele Aymold, Director of Marketing for G2 at Dreamforce. She shared what G2 Crowd was up to and a secret tip for Dreamforce 2018 (hint: I definitely didn’t take advantage of it this year).

Video & Editing by Ari Hoffman and Liam Lawlor, Music by Adam Vito

G2 Crowd not only hosted their own events, launched a new product, conducted user sessions and spoke at Dreamforce, but they attended the MindTouch thought leadership panel, The Customer Focus Effect. This panel was comprised of executives from the San Francisco Giants, SAP, Oracle, MindTouch, Cisco, and Adobe. The conversation was around how companies who prioritize direct engagement are winning the battle for their customers.

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