You Need a Smarter Knowledge Base

Improve support agent productivity, increase ticket deflection, and fuel self-service support.

User and group permissions dashboard for MindTouch customers

Managing Knowledge Base Content is Hard

Is getting knowledge published in your knowledge base time consuming? Is it difficult to configure for your support agents and your customers to see the right knowledge at the right time?

MindTouch has flexible permissions and is designed to be configurable to work for your processes. Knowledge maintenance is easy so you can focus on what matters.

Search insights interactive report for MindTouch customers

Reports Should be Reliable and Relevant

Knowledge base software comes with reports that are not only basic, but unreliable. They don’t provide relevant insights that you can use to make strong decisions.

MindTouch works with customers to design relevant out-of-box reports to enhance self-service, increase ticket deflection, and improve support agent productivity.

Response time graphic and statistics for MindTouch customers

Humans Need Downtime – Not Your Software

Does your knowledge base have regular scheduled maintenance? How is that acceptable when your customers need support 24/7?

MindTouch doesn’t need scheduled maintenance windows. Your knowledge is never offline. Updates and enhancements happen automatically, so you’re always using the latest version with no downtime.

MindTouch featuring Electrolux

Let’s Supercharge Your Customer Self-Service Experience

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