Knowledge Management

Welcome to the new standard in enterprise knowledge management platforms, capable of delivering an integrated experience across all of your channels. Fast, reliable, and highly scalable.

Deliver knowledge at the speed of now

Organizational knowledge can accelerate employee productivity, empower partners, and make it easier for customers to be successful. MindTouch puts all of your existing knowledge into a single knowledge management system, providing internal and external users the info they need right at their fingertips.

TBy integrating knowledge into existing systems, you make it simple to create, share, and improve content across the entire organization. And you make life a lot easier for agents and customers.

Deliver knowledge at the speed of now

Get up and running in weeks not months with rapid deployment capabilities.

Scale at the pace of growth and add lots of content without impacting performance.

Say goodbye to maintenance windows because your customers don’t take a break and neither do we.

Fisher & Paykel Customer Story

Learn how Fisher & Paykel turned unfindable PDFs to searchable product knowledge

Read the Fisher & Paykel Customer Story >

Make it easier to find useful content

Our easy-to-follow content structure organizes content into high-level categories, helping users navigate to the answers they need.

Make it easier to find useful content

Information architecture
Structure content to be findable, navigable, and searchable. Related content and dynamic link updates keep it all organized and accessible.

Seamless CRM integrations
Agents can search for and view KB articles and troubleshooting docs without having to switch windows.

Anywhere access
Surface content in self-service portals, Google, CRM and elsewhere thanks to out-of-the-box integrations and flexible document permissioning.

Optimized for Google Search
Deliver high-ranking search engine results through bite-sized, consumable pieces of content.

Take advantage of rich reporting functions

See the data that actually matters, including search terms, content usage, and user behavior. Use these insights to identify content gaps, inform product improvements, and map knowledge management objectives to important business outcomes.

Take advantage of rich reporting functions
  • Marketing and web analytics integrations
  • Content performance measurements
  • Search Insights
  • Case deflection data
  • Information gap analysis
  • Dynamic link management

Simplify the authoring workflow

Creating content doesn’t have to be so difficult! Make it easier for technical writers, knowledge workers, and agents to create useful content in the moment.

Simplify the authoring workflow
  • Streamlined authoring workflows
  • Instant content publishing
  • Detailed revision history to help track edits
  • User-friendly authoring interface
  • Reduced content redundancy and maintenance issues
  • Media-rich content for a better knowledge experience
  • Lower administrative overhead

Get all your sites up and running fast

MindTouch is known for rapid deployment capability, powered by preconfigured touchpoints that extend to third-party web domains – all without additional configuration. Launch all your sites in weeks, not months.

Because the faster you get up and running, the sooner your customers, agents, and employees can benefit from smarter knowledge management.

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