Knowledge Management

A successful Knowledge Management system needs tools to capture, structure, and reuse knowledge. You need a knowledge base that scales easily and evolves with your business.

Turn Everyone into a Subject Matter Expert

Every business runs the risk of losing critical knowledge when employees retire or move on. With our easy-to-use interface and flexible permissions, capturing valuable tribal knowledge has never been simpler.

Give everyone access to critical information, including employees and customers, to remove knowledge bottlenecks that hurt sales and support efforts.

Powerhouse of Knowledge

Watch how MindTouch took Avalara’s documentation from a “simple knowledge-base project” to a full-journey, unified customer experience.

Zuora self-service and support center for customers powered by MindTouch

Create a singular product vision with shared knowledge

Sometimes it can feel like every department has its own vision of the company’s products. By making information equally accessible across departments, companies can begin to tear down the silos that create inconsistent customer experiences.

Zuora implemented an improved content experience to raise their NPS score by 20 Points.

See How Zuora Did It

Your customers deserve better self-service experiences.

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