The Customer-First Knowledge Management Checklist

How customer-focused is your organization's approach to knowledge management? Here's where to start.

The demand for effortless self-service is higher than ever, and it's reshaping the customer journey

Today, delivering next-generation customer experience hinges on your organization’s ability to meet growing demand for self-service. Specifically, it depends on your ability to drive effortless experiences for customers throughout the post-sale customer journey in the channels they go to first, starting with Google. How you approach knowledge management (KM) is a key part of this. Use this eight-part checklist to evaluate your own organization’s approach to KM.

What you'll learn

Trends in customer self-service you should know

What a company-first approach to knowledge management looks like

8 areas to help determine if your knowledge management strategy is customer-first

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See where you stack up before your customers move on

More than ever, customers are guided by their perceived level of effort. Organizations that make it difficult for their customers to be successful, or create friction throughout the customer journey by prioritizing organizational objectives over customer needs, might soon find their customers moving on to competitor sites or jumping ship altogether. Indeed, your ability to consistently give them what they need depends on how customer-focused your knowledge management strategy really is.

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