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Self-Service Content Raised NPS Scores 20 Points

Zuora’s software helps its customers navigate the complexities of finance and billing, but the inability to provide consistent content throughout the customer journey meant some customers were struggling to make sense—instead of cents. To increase customer satisfaction and drive renewals, Zuora needed a standout content experience to keep customers supported and engaged.

Before MindTouch, Zuora used a variety of wikis, PDFs, Word documents, and content management tools to deliver knowledge to customers and prospects. The result was an inconsistent experience as customers interacted with Sales, Onboarding, and Support departments, which were all using different content strategies. Customers ended up taking a long time to onboard or get the support they needed to be successful.

After adopting MindTouch as its content solution, Zuora was able to create a unified self-service customer support experience. This experience carried customers from the sales process through to renewal. By making support content easily accessible, it was easier for Zuora’s customers to succeed with the product.

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As leaders in the subscription economy, Zuora knows the importance of the customer experience in driving renewals—the lifeblood of the SaaS industry. Before MindTouch, Zuora had silos of content that resulted in frustrating experiences for customers and employees.

As a result of its commitment to improve the customer experience, Zuora saw NPS scores increase 20 points on average. Self-service support content played an important role in that result by decreasing repeat ticket incidents nearly 35% and shortening the time to get customers helpful content from days to minutes.

To increase customer satisfaction and drive renewals, Zuora needed a standout content experience to keep customers supported and engaged.

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About Zuora

Zuora is a global leader in subscription commerce and billing, with enterprise leaders and high-growth companies alike using Zuora’s multi-tenant cloud platform to launch, scale, and monetize their subscription services. Zuora’s applications help subscription businesses with pricing, quoting, orders, billing, payments, and renewals.

Why MindTouch

Zuora needed a way to align its content assets and empower employees to contribute their knowledge, as well as a way for customers to access that knowledge consistently throughout the customer journey. MindTouch provided a solution for low-effort knowledge capture that allowed the Zuora team to publish content into a seamless self-service support experience.

Scaling with Busy Teams

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