6 Limitations of Your CRM Knowledge Base

A complete guide to the major differences between common CRM knowledge bases and enterprise-grade knowledge management

A lot of knowledge vendors talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?

In the world of knowledge management (KM), it’s easy to promise the world. Often, vendor selection comes down two types of KM solutions: knowledge base software bundled into an existing CRM suite; and standalone KM platforms. Which is option is best? We’ve put identified six critical differences to help you choose a solution capable of delivering service excellence across all customer-facing channels.


CRM KB vs KM Whitepaper - 570x500-Lander_Quote

Table of Contents

  1. Key Features Of Enterprise-Grade Knowledge Management Platforms
  2. Overview of An Emerging Strategic Priority
  3. The Search for the Right Solution
  4. Why Next-Gen CX Requires Next-Gen KM
CRM KB vs KM Whitepaper - 570x500-Lander_Img
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