May 24, 2017 10:00 AM

Learn How Using Site Analysis Can Keep Your MindTouch Site Healthy

If customers can't find your content, it's of no use to them.
Meet the Speakers
Theresa Manzo

Product Manager

Join Theresa Manzo, MindTouch Product Manager, as she explains the benefits of using our new Site Analysis Suite to keep your site healthier, your customers happier and your company more competitive.

This MindTouch veteran will explain in depth:

  • What are the benefits of keeping your website healthy
  • Why are links and site structure important to a healthy site
  • How to use the new Site Analysis Suite and its main differentiators
About the Speakers
Theresa Manzo
Product Manager

Making customers successful, one feature at a time

After spending 16 years as a graphic designer, web designer, front-end developer, lead UI/UX designer, and UI team leader, Theresa Manzo moved into the world of Product Management. At MindTouch, she has spent six years developing features that solve real-world problems and was responsible for designing and implementing the latest versions of their product. In her free time, she enjoys anything sci-fi, fantasy, hockey, or corgi related.

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