Knowledge Management: The Essential Chatbot Fuel

How to power chatbots with knowledge to gain the edge in customer service.

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Meet the key ingredient in fast, accurate chatbot support

The use of chatbots is expected to continue to grow as artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance. In fact, currently 63% of people said they would interact with chatbots to solve their customer service problems, according to a recent study by Iteqna. And that comfort level is expected to rise.

However, for chatbots to achieve their potential, it is critical to provide them with a deep and detailed knowledge base to ensure their ability to provide correct and valuable information. Without that, chatbots will continue to fail.

This webinar, will provide details on how your organization can build a competitive edge with chatbots powered by knowledge.

What you’ll learn

The role of chatbots as part of the customer journey
Why knowledge is critical for chatbots success
How AI and knowledge management tools will work together

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