Choosing the right knowledge management vendor

An interview with 8x8.

Vendor Selection - An Interview with 8x8

Why 8x8 selected MindTouch over other Vendors

Learn more about why 8x8 chose MindTouch over other knowledge management vendors. See how MindTouch is the only unified solution that gets content quickly and easily to customers (internal and external) in whatever channel they are using. It enables customer self-service and integrates well with existing systems.


Mohan: MindTouch is the only vendor that I’m aware of who is able to provide a unified experience for a customer and get the content in a timely manner, and the easiest manner for a customer. Example, MindTouch is able to deliver solutions, whether it is in Google, whether it is in our own in-house FAQ’s, or in our CRM. 8x8 is the leading provider of unified communications in Cloud where customers will be able to use one system of engagement for their customers and employees alike.

Joel: We have a really big focus now on self-service and driving customers to being able to do that. We’re rolling out a KCS program initiative. Our previous knowledge base require too much hand-holding and did not integrate well with our systems.

Jessica: It’s really critical that we have something that is easy to use so that we have a high adoption rate.

Greg: We wanted something that was gonna be flexible, out of the box, and can be done with clicks not code, but not require us to have to invest a lot in finding a hosting company and maybe hiring a developer to code it, and then figure out how we’re going to integrate it with Salesforce. We’re looking for all of that out of the box.

Mohan: The disadvantage in most other platforms that I’ve seen is that the tool will talk to one particular software or an application, or it would have a limitation in that it would either be staying behind a CRM or in front of a CRM. MindTouch is able to actually flex its arm and, you know, be anywhere where we need it.

Joel: MindTouch was the most turnkey solution we could find. It was really important that we got started fast. We moved into something that was ready to integrate with Service Cloud that looked slick and that delivered the analytics that we needed, and MindTouch checked all those boxes.

Greg: We were really looking for a partner who’d been there and done it, who has helped companies transform their knowledge from the traditional knowledge-based article, into more of a learning path. How do I walk a customer through finding information? How do I have those tools out of the box?

Joel: MindTouch makes it easy for agents to just go ahead and share knowledge as part of their normal case work flow. It let’s them have one place where they go to find knowledge and create it as well.