Going with a KCS v6 Verified solution

An interview with 8x8.

KCS v6 Verified Solution – An Interview with 8x8

How MindTouch enables KCS at 8x8

Learn how MindTouch enables 8x8 to implement KCS® and fill their knowledge management system with content in the voice and understanding of their customers. Besides driving customer self-service, MindTouch enables 8x8 staff to tie content to cases, create, and search from within the MindTouch for Salesforce Service Cloud integration.

8x8 is running KCS v6 Verified MindTouch product Capture Manager and Capture for Service Cloud

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation.


Joel: KCS is important for our customers because it allows us to fill the knowledgebase with questions and answers that are styled after the way they ask and answer them.

Mohan: Knowledge being the power, people use to hold onto themselves just so that they could be called experts, right? Gone are those days. These days if you have knowledge, you gotta showcase it. And the best place for them to showcase is using a knowledge management strategy.

Joel: We have a really big focus now on self-service and driving the customers to being able to do that. We are rolling out a KCS program initiative. Our previous knowledgebase required too much hand-holding and did not integrate well with our systems.

Jessica: MindTouch is helping support those efforts by allowing us to implement KCS. With our previous content management system, we were not able to tie cases to content. So MindTouch allows us to do that. We have the MindTouch widget enabled in Service Cloud for all of our support engineers. So everyone is able to link and create and search through the widget there. They also have access to the site, so the platform is really easy to use. That’s the biggest praise that we’ve gotten in this switch is by creating content, and updating content is super easy on the platform.

Mohan: Those support engineers are able to actually focus on learning newer things, right? Because they’ve actually held on and put it somewhere, right? They don’t have to be the go-to person to answer it time over again. With all this in mind for a support engineer, the better way for them to show themselves as knowledge experts is to actually put it in a knowledge management center, and which is why knowledge will showcase them experts and help them grow.

Greg: So MindTouch has helped in rolling out KCS because it’s ready out of the box. We had a site implementation just to configure it and tweak it to how we need it to work inside 8 by 8, but it was ready to go. And so we don’t have to build our code or build anything that we’ve had to do with another solution we’re looking at to make it compliant with KCS.

Jessica: We can look at the reports in the back-end of MindTouch. We can see, you know, are we creating more articles than we’re reusing? Who is contributing? Things like that. So things that MindTouch provides are definitely helping us meet our KCS goals.

Joel: KCS is the future of support. It’s what everyone is moving to, to make sure that you have an up to date knowledge base, and you have self-help that your users can rely on.