The ease of using MindTouch

An interview with 8x8.

Ease of Use – An Interview with 8x8

How MindTouch helped 8x8 seamlessly implement KCS

8x8 team members discuss how the MindTouch platform met their need for a true turnkey solution that easily integrates with Salesforce Service Cloud. Learn how a better user experience, seamless implementation, and overall ease of use encourage high adoption rate.


Joel: Outside of a better user experience, we wanted a better experience administering the system. Something that was not as labor intensive as our previous system. We wanted a good implementation experience. We wanted to be able to stand up fast, and we were looking for a partner that would communicate clearly with us and understand what our requirements were.

Greg: Beyond just being out of the box, it had to be easy to use and easy to use comes in different forms. It is searchable, it’s also ability for an engineer to just sit down and find what they were looking for, and be able to power that.

Jessica: We really liked the aesthetics of the platform. It’s really critical that we have something that is easy to use so that we have a high adoption rate.

Joel: MindTouch makes it easy for agents to just go ahead and share knowledge as part of their normal case workflow. It lets them have one place where they go to find knowledge and create it as well.

Greg: We wanted something that’s gonna be fast an nimble and allow us to built on it, but not require us to have to invest a lot in finding a hosting company and maybe hiring a developer to code it and then figure out how we’re gonna integrate it with Salesforce. We’re looking for all of that out of the box.

Joel: So MindTouch was the most turnkey solution we could find. It was really important that we got started fast. We moved into something that was ready to integrate with service Cloud, that looks slick, and that delivered the analytics that we needed. MindTouch checked all those boxes.