Achieving frictionless customer self-service

An interview with 8x8.

Customer Self-Service – An Interview with 8x8

How 8x8 is using MindTouch to drive self-service

The truth is, most customers don’t want to call the contact center. They prefer to search Google, initiate a chat, or try other self-service channels to get answers and support.


Jessica: Our customers don’t really want to call us. It’s not, you know, a fun experience to wait on hold to, you know, explain your situation to a support agent, to take that time out of your day.

Mohan: Everybody is trying to get things done by themselves, right? I personally, do not like to call a support engineer or a customer support line til I felt like I’ve exhausted all venues before I actually connect with someone, right? And I want to believe that most people around me are also the same way.

Joel: So we really wanna just drive more of our customers to use self-service, show them that it’s reliable. We wanna increase deflection of context in cases, and help advance our KCS program here.

Mohan: Success is defined by how customers are able to engage with us. Google is probably the number one place where people actually go to. The search for solutions, then comes chat, and then, you know, self-serve, before they even go to form.

Greg: We believe that the best customer support experience is the case that you never have to open. So, enabling customers with self-service through knowledge, through any tools that we can provide to them is really key to our strategy for success in 2018, ’19.

Mohan: With all this in mind, self-serve is probably one thing that we should focus on pretty, you know, intently, to make sure that the customers get everything that they need, to self-serve before getting served.

Jessica: So, if the information is already available out there, searchable on the web, easily accessible from Google, then they’re able to find that help that they need without having to interrupt their day.

Joel: MindTouch is the foundation that allows us to focus on our program objective, and it lets me focus on growing my team, look at strategic initiatives, and not have to worry about administering the system day-to-day.

Mohan: MindTouch is going to be very critical in the strategy around both knowledge management and customer experience.

Greg: You have to really focus on the customer first and the customer’s journey through your self-service. If you don’t put the customer at the center of that, you’re never gonna get there.