Customer Spotlight

Kiley Henner

Kiley Henner is the Director of Customer Experience at Biamp. He oversees the Global Applications Engineering team, as well as training and education. Kiley and his team are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality knowledge is available to the professional AV industry – from the in-person and online training to the support provided by the Applications Engineering team around the world.

Biamp has long been dedicated to delivering superior value and exceptional customer experiences, and is an advocate of sharing knowledge. The company understands that education both improves a person’s skills and abilities while enriching the industry as a whole.

Biamp is a forty-year-old company specializing in professional audio/video equipment. What started with bands in night clubs in the 90’s moved into large commercial spaces, including concert halls and large open arenas.

This is known as system AV integration in commercial spaces. It is built in and not portable. Since this is highly customizable, where no two spaces are alike, having access to a robust knowledge base is important to customers and their internal SME support agents.

Biamp uses MindTouch for their Cornerstone Technical Support Knowledge Base, which is devoted to in-depth technical information on their award-winning professional audio/video products. The information is available to anyone and in a variety of form factors, from webinars on system design guides to coverage area calculators.

Fun fact: In his free time, Kiley plays bass in a band. When not rocking out around the Portland, Oregon area, he’s enjoying the outdoors and relaxing with his family.

The Problem Biamp Faced

  • Self-service materials were stored in PDFs which provided no insights or analytics into the knowledge journey
  • Once on the support site, customers couldn’t find self-service articles, causing undue stress on support lines
  • Google Search results left Biamp help content buried below competitors and industry forums where they lost visibility and control of the conversation
  • Content creation workflow was cumbersome and required long cycle times to get content in front of customers

What Biamp Achieved

  • Ability to proactively address issues with self-service content, instead of just reacting to them. This enables Kiley’s team to give feedback to engineering as new features are developed, then create articles before they run into problems
  • Improved placement in Google Search results for major articles, including #1 rank for “AVB Switches,” an unbranded keyword
  • Consistent improvement in monthly return traffic to the MindTouch-powered support site
  • Biamp sales team now leverages the Success Center to build confidence in their prospects, demonstrating a commitment to superb customer support
  • Article-level insights inform new marketing campaigns and sales initiatives that eventually link back to those support articles
  • Support now shares new marketing campaigns that then eventually lead back to support articles (guerilla marketing)