Customer Spotlight

Jonathan Butler

Jonathan Butler, a program manager at Nintex, is helping grow and scale the self-service resources used by Nintex employees and customers in their business process automation journey. Committed to driving customer success and ease, Jonathan and the team at Nintex have started building a unified “success platform” that allows customers to easily find the content they are looking for and spend less time searching for answers.

After originally working on the Customer Support team, Jonathan quickly discovered a gap in the organization’s ability to provide answers to common questions that were being asked repeatedly by customers. Users would open support tickets, the team would solve the problem, the ticket would be closed, and then if another user encountered the same issue the whole process would start over. This drove the initial creation of the customer-facing Nintex Support Knowledge Base, which utilized MindTouch to surface solutions through an easy-to-navigate user experience.

Since then, Jonathan and the Nintex team have been working diligently on continuously optimizing the customer experience provided through internal and external touch points. They have been given room to build a Customer Success program aimed at supporting customer-facing employees, such as the adoption managers who focus on implementation and use.

They are also optimizing resources like their Customer Success portal, Learning Center, and Community to tie all of this together. The focus is on taking a customer from inside the product and connecting them to all of the varying information silos, all while having it be a seamless experience. The goal is to make the journey as easy as possible, while continuing to provide content that users can find, utilize and consume, which helps promote becoming an expert who renews and expands.

Fun fact: After graduating with a degree in Cultural Anthropology, Jonathan has always enjoyed learning about how people engage with technology in their daily lives and how it is impacting the way they interact with the world. He is also a lifelong learner and is constantly curious about what will come next in this ever-changing industry.

The Problem Nintex Faced

  • Agent re-work: Support agents did not have a good way to share the work that had been done to resolve an issue.
  • Heavy customer reliance on support: Customers had a hard time finding answers to even simple questions and would instead reach out to Support for answers.
  • Reliance on community: Nintex users would have to search through community site to try and find answers, often struggling to find what they were searching for.
  • Knowledge was not integrated within the core of the business, and there were KPIs for content creation but nothing of value (just marking a checkbox).
  • Limited business intelligence and analytics: This data could have been used to understand what documents the partners/customer viewed, as well as what their pain points are or where the product may need improvement. Essential for understanding what is helping or hindering their progress.
  • Internal fragmentation across departments: Teams were working independently instead of simultaneously, leading to siloed information.

What Nintex Achieved

  • 169% increase in sessions on the success platform (YoY) indicating good visibility and adoption
  • 69,672 unique users on the success platform (YoY), a substantial spike unseen before at Nintex
  • 100% KCS engineer adoption leading to more efficient knowledge capture and knowledge improvement workflows
  • 20% increase in NPS (YoY) since the launch of the new success platform