Customer Spotlight

Eldad Arad

Eldad Arad is a Master of Information Science with a major in Knowledge Management. He is passionate about knowledge delivery, curation, and accessibility. At Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company, Eldad is the Center of Excellence Lead, managing the processes and infrastructure surrounding the Customer Knowledge Center (CKC) which he helped design and build.

His prominent commitment to the company’s services, combined with his prompt “can-do” approach, made him an excellent guide for understanding and meeting customer needs and wants.

Ex Libris provides software solutions for academic institutions, working closely with both librarians and highly technical developers. The Ex Libris Knowledge Center is an open, freely accessible platform for knowledge sharing and updates ranging from news to API scripts.

Recently, a new feature was introduced by Eldad and the SalesForce team at Ex Libris, enabling customers to contribute articles and information to the community. This platform aligns with the Ex Libris vision of openness and visibility and promotes the sense of community that propels the business forward.

Fun fact: Ever since he started working on the Knowledge Center Eldad has become slightly obsessed with searching in other companies knowledge bases. From other tech services and online shopping sites, to flights and hotel booking sites, Eldad finds an opportunity to learn in every self-service site.

The Problem Ex Libris Faced

  • Silos of customer-facing knowledge, which led to an inconsistent user experience and lack of visibility into the variety of content types (troubleshooting, training, etc.).
  • Login required for knowledge access rendering content inaccessible without a personal username. This contributed to bottlenecks in incoming requests, as well as an incompatibility with company values such as openness and transparency.
  • Overlapping content between different systems requiring extra effort to maintain content in different systems (and customer complaints about dated versions).
  • Unintuitive search experience causing customers and staff to frequently search in the wrong knowledge base to answer their need, or to miss the potential benefit of a different content type in search.
  • Systems were not self-service oriented leading to many missed self-service opportunities due to the cumbersome experience of searching on several different systems.
  • Lack of insight into how content is performing, as well as insights into trends that should inform the action items necessary to keep the system healthy and constantly improve content.

What Ex Libris Achieved

  • Consistent increases in customer satisfaction on all closed cases linking to articles now that the Ex Libris support team can share articles during support interactions.
  • Significant improvement on time-to-close for support tickets.
  • Content silos are unified within a one-stop-shop self-service portal that integrates with various customer touch-points, reducing the operating costs of different on-premise systems and making information easier to find.
  • Increase in content access and use from 8k sessions per month at launch of the Knowledge Center to 160k sessions per month currently.
  • Unified taxonomy now aligns content from all products resulting in an improved customer experience.