Customer Spotlight

Christine de Mateo

Christine is the Senior Operations Analyst at Old Republic under the Business Process and Employee Development team. Her team is comprised of Training Specialists, Quality Assurance Agents, Compliance Analysts, Operations Analysts, and Employee Engagement Specialists.

As Senior Operations Analyst, Christine spends much of her time working on system administration for the Learning Management System, with a focus on content management within the Old Republic Knowledge Base. Old Republic has named their Knowledge Management System “SPOT” (Support Portal and Online Training).

Within SPOT, Christine evaluates knowledge gaps. She works with business owners and stakeholders to create solutions and streamline workflows to communicate new or changed procedures (call center and certain company-wide information, typically).

Christine also works cross-functionally with her Operation teams to deliver New Hire Call Center and Compliance training, Quality Assurance (call center call monitoring), content management of company policies, procedures, job aids, and “Plan Intelligence” (the latter integrates the Old Republic home warranty coverage with their homegrown CRM). She also assists internal staff with making coverage decisions.

While evaluating and addressing call center knowledge gaps via the homegrown ticketing system, Christine and her team monitor and manage company-wide “engagement” activities and events to make sure they are providing a holistic view of the knowledge needed to optimize staff and customer experiences.

Fun fact: Christine met her wife 12 years ago at work and they now have a beautiful two-year-old through reciprocal IVF. Both she and her wife were and are part of the Bay Area Roller Derby league. Christine retired in 2015 to focus on her family; but her wife has been a Jammer for the SF Shevil Dead (Mae K. Haster) for three years and is still seen skating the local trails. Their travel team was ranked #2 in 2013 and 2014 world rankings.

The Problem Old Republic Faced

  • Closing the knowledge gap – With so much movement in the company, making sure new procedures and policies are up to date within the call center staff, salesforce admins, and remote employees is essential.
  • Reducing the need for call center support – Old Republic used to have an internal Call Support staff that would answer questions for the external Call Center, but were accessing the same KB to find info. Addressing this redundancy would make this process far more efficient.
  • Solving complex problems – Tracking down information in various places took too much time and made these cases more difficult to solve.
  • Reducing overhead cost of dated systems and processes – More than 10% of operating costs were attributed to printing paper, upkeep of repositories and intranet, and old networks.

What Old Republic Achieved

  • Trained over 300 people from Q4 of 2017 through Q3 of 2018
  • Increased the number of agent evaluations four-fold to over 12,000 evaluations across several call center departments (compared to Q3 of 2017)
  • 640% increase in knowledge gap identification
  • 462 pages of content created since January 1st, 2018
  • 5 pages per session indicating high site engagement
  • High site usage of five minutes/average session
  • 200k Pageviews since January 1st, 2018
  • Estimated $200K annual savings in agent productivity costs (handle time, namely) thanks to usability of online self-service portal