Customer Spotlight

Cameron Moody

Cameron Moody is the Knowledge Manager at Cisco Meraki. He leads his company’s technical writing, training and knowledge communications. Cameron is dedicated to distributing information to Meraki and its customers as clearly and widely as possible—he created the knowledge management team to this end.

Meraki prides itself on simplicity and this motivation is reflected in their documentation, which has a unique style that mirrors Meraki’s approach to technology. Cameron uses Mindtouch to host documentation on both technical information and internal processes, and designed a system of extensive dekiscript content reuse that is used to provide a unique search experience and single-source-of-truth back-end system.

Fun fact: Cameron learned about editing and documentation while working in his university’s newspaper as a copywriter, then he started in tech working as support for the university he was attending at the time. He didn’t expect to get an opportunity to combine the two skill sets, but is thrilled he found this space to grow in.

The Problem Cisco Meraki Faced

  • Limited knowledge management capability – Could not accommodate the full scope of Customer Success assets (such as FAQs, user guides, manuals, E-learning, and onboarding documentation)
  • Siloed assets – Used several different systems (Salesforce Knowledge, Confluence, etc.), which made it difficult for Meraki customers to find information
  • Flat content structure – End users were presented with just a search box and a long list of articles—no product categories, breadcrumbs, table of contents related links—so no path to resolution
  • Inflexible Salesforce authoring environment – Difficult to work with, as content, when pushed to the public interface, was not customer-ready and the HTML output was not clean. Broken links were a common occurrence
  • Weak search experience – Inaccurate results, resulting in poor service and frustration for many end users attempting to self-help
  • Limited customer feedback – There was no good way to track and analyze the value and effectiveness of Cisco Meraki help content for the purpose of improvement

What Cisco Meraki Achieved

  • 31.5% reduction in time-to-resolution for the Meraki support center
  • 55% reduction in ticket escalation, an industry-leading rate
  • 1600 interrelated help documents now live
  • 17 million search results as a result of new blended content experience