At this point, claiming that smartphones have revolutionized the company-customer relationship is old news (by about six iPhone generations). Still, many companies continue to miss out on the true value of the micro-moments made possible by the ever-present screens in our pockets. While these companies may have a mobile strategy, these strategies are often merely empty containers. Without the right microcontent to support micro-moments, companies can’t serve customers what they need to excel as they research, buy, and succeed with the product.

What is a micro-moment then? According to Think with Google, micro-moments are the result of the smartphone revolution which has “fractured the consumer journey into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments. Each one is a critical opportunity for brands to shape our decisions and preferences.” Smartphone apps and one-click purchasing help power some of these micro-moments, but too many moments leave customers wanting because the information they need is not “real-time,” nor is it built to address the intent of the customer.

As customers are doing research in the store, or looking to validate a purchase before adding it to their digital carts, they’re turning to Google to get the information they need. The problem is many companies aren’t providing Google the information it needs in order to provide consumers what they’re searching for.  In the context of these micro-moments, PDFs and forums require too much time and effort for such a small amount of screen real estate. While answers may very well be there, they’re not being served up in a way that is easily and quickly consumed on mobile phones.

If you’re still serving up valuable product and help content in documents or forums, you’re missing these important micro-moments that define the customer journey now. To put this micro-moment/microcontent issue another way: let’s say your customer is desperate to make a BLT (mmmmm!) and he comes to your company for the bacon, but instead of bacon your team trots out a live pig. That BLT isn’t going to happen anytime soon, and your customer is not going to enjoy the work it will take to make it.

By turning those documents and knowledge that is locked away behind log-ins into bite-sized microcontent that Google loves, you’re not only making your customers’ lives easier as they research, buy, and succeed. You’re also upping your SEO game, ensuring Google loves your company. Google is in the business of keeping people using the service, which is why they’re increasingly turning to solutions that reduce the number of steps in search, such as snippets.

As mobile phones increasingly take over tasks once ruled by desktops, the importance of microcontent that fuels successful micro-moments will multiply. With microcontent powering micro-moments, coupled with the rich insights available from mobile devices, companies have a clear window into the customer’s relationship with their products.

No PDF or forum will ever be so helpful.

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