To tell you the truth, a TOP 100 list is not just about celebrating those who are making a difference, putting themselves out there to be scrutinized by the world, and breaking boundaries to propel an industry forward. It’s also about the value brought to people trying to listen and learn from those industry leaders.

Constructing a list that consolidates the broad spectrum of thought leaders allows people interested in pushing their own personal limits to track, connect, and expand upon those ideas which are influencing an entire community. People can tune into what is evolving in real time to make considerable strides in their own careers, more so than if they were trying to reinvent the wheel by themselves. Innovating on the efforts of thought leaders enables people to make a positive difference within their own organizations and their own lives.

It is with great pleasure that MindTouch will be releasing not 1 but 2 syndicated lists, combined into a single asset, revolving around thought leadership in customer success. The first is our TOP 25 Customer Success Influencers and the second is our People’s Choice, TOP 100 Customer Success Strategists  (you can request access to the TOP 25 & TOP 100 here).

Watch the video below to learn more about the criteria used for the TOP 25 Customer Success Influencers for 2017 from the CEO of MindTouch as well as the panel of judges.

Here’s more on the intent and design of this ranking

This is our fourth year creating a list based on customer success. The first year we used a scrubbing platform(Sprinkler) to find the most influential leaders, but that was mostly based on social influence. After releasing it, we realized we might have missed some title contenders not prone to engaging with the online community. With each year, the list curation has evolved, much like the practice of customer success itself. We started to include those heavily involved in the conference circuit, searching for those who made considerable contributions through content creation and those making large strides within their own organizations.

This year, the list has evolved yet again, and for the better. We have had so many people tell us how important and helpful this list is, that we felt we could do more. We knew that there were people flying below the radar and that our efforts, though diligent, were not exhaustive.

The TOP 25 CS Influencers list was curated in the same fashion as last year, but this time, instead of thinking we had all the answers, we put this large list in front of three industry-leading professionals to let them weigh in on the prospects. The video above details the individual criteria applied to each judge’s selection process.

The People’s Choice – TOP 100 CS Strategists list took a brand new approach. Aimed at trying to find those flying under the radar, we opened up the polls to allow people to not only vote on our scrubbed list, but to nominate those they wanted to recognize. In fact, over 20% of this year’s list came from nominations. This list lets the world know what the collective industry as a whole thinks. It gives balance to a weighted system allowing those lesser known names, but still highly qualified candidates, to surface. We had a better response to this list creation than any before, quintupling the engagement we expected to get.

I am so proud to be a part of this project, but it could not have been done without our expert judges, our hard-hitting team here at MindTouch that put in a tremendous amount of effort, and the companies who decided to sponsor this list after it was curated, helping spread its reach far and wide.

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