Anthony Correia has a passion for building products from the ground up. After co-founding a startup, Anthony realized he wanted to learn more about the technical end of business. He attended Origin Code Academy and started working for the MindTouch content import team shortly thereafter.

Anthony continues to put his coding skills to use as an Implementations Specialist and branding expert for various customers looking to achieve cohesive styling across all brand assets. “I work with customers during the onboarding process to brand a site and make it look close to their current marketing site or any other brand guidelines they may have. I also build out the functionality and am given a cool platform to build it off of.”

View the video below to check out our recent interview with Anthony and learn some of his tips for onboarding new customers.

Be Attentive, Especially During the Branding Phase

Anthony’s interactions with customers are limited, but multiple customers have explicitly commented on the attentive service Anthony provides during a brand engagement. Some of his most memorable projects involve the flexibility to test his skills. “My favorite experience thus far has been working with 8x8. That was a really unique customer branding engagement and I got to spread my wings on that one. Best of all, the customer was happy, we got good feedback, and it was a good learning experience.”

Listen for Pain Points

Anthony uses every interaction with a customer as an opportunity to learn and listen to any pain points they may have. In his role, listening is paramount. “Listening has been a huge part of bettering myself with answering questions that are being asked and providing the best possible solution around that. When we listen, we are able to actually understand the problem that is facing the customer.”

Know Thy Product Well

On a daily basis, Anthony is in the weeds of the MindTouch product. He knows the ins and outs and attributes its success to the Guided Content Framework that is displayed throughout the product. “The MindTouch structure is ultimately the bread and butter of the product. The structure makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for in bite-sized pieces.”

After a year at MindTouch, Anthony is not looking back. “MindTouch beats its competitors in a lot of areas. One area is the fact that our company culture is unparalleled and the product is tremendous. Our product and culture combined allow for the ultimate self-service experience.”

As a leader in self-service support, MindTouch believes in empowering customers to find answers when they need it, lowering customer effort and delivering high returns to any organization. Customers and support agents alike benefit from the capabilities of our software to easily structure content and effectively deliver knowledge. This all begins with the people behind the scenes, like Anthony.

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