The Content Experience Award recognizes industry leading professionals whose primary objective is to enable customer success through strategic content delivery across the customer journey.

These industry leaders are responsible for fostering an efficient knowledge management strategy that eliminates information silos, allows disparate internal teams to leverage the same content library to meet various objectives, and connects all departments around a central focus on customer experience.

Awards Breakdown

Out of thousands of customers, seven recipients were chosen to receive the 2017 Content Experience Award after the Customer Focus Effect in San Francisco. The award winners were from Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Hitachi, Fisher & Paykel, Meraki, Brandesco, and Code42.

Content Experience Award
Laralyn Melvin, awarded by Adobe

Adobe presents to Laralyn Melvin Senior Director, Technical Publications at Palo Alto Networks

With articles numbering in the tens of thousands and a myriad of product lines, Palo Alto Networks supports a large ecosystem of enterprise customers that heavily depend on their self-service support.

Laralyn Melvin has adapted Palo Alto Networks from simply supporting post-sale customers to enhancing their entire customer journey. This strategy breaks down information silos by turning marketing and technical communication into a joint effort. Leveraging Adobe Experience Manager, she is delivering a blended approach to deliver a seamless content experience where users can research, solve problems, renew existing products, and expand their product portfolio.

Site Traffic KPIs

  • Page Views:  Increase of 300% in last 12 months (889,791 page views per month)
  • Unique visitors: Increase of 230% (170,296 unique users in October 2017)
  • Average site time of 8 minutes and 6 page visits

User Experience Improvements

  • Moved to DITA content structure, reducing translation costs by 25%,  which allows us to get better coverage of translated content
  • Implemented commenting as a medium to get user feedback on content, which gives us direct feedback into how our customers are using our products and enables a direct dialog with them.
Content Experience Award
Marcelo Bergamini, awarded by Cisco

Cisco present to Marcelo Bergamini, IT Ops Manager at Bradesco

Bradesco is one of the largest banking and financial services companies in Brazil and LATAM, with 5.3k branches and approximately 50B USD in revenue.

Marcelo Bergamini lead the change for a Partner Support Service coverage that allowed Bradesco to save 7.8M USD per year due to the intelligence and automation to manage Support Contracts, Security Alerts, and Cisco product lifecycle. He has a consistent adoption Health Score of 10 over the last year and his efforts have lead to a 25% improvement in the efficiency of the current technology utilization.

Content Experience Award
Dionne Strickland, awarded by MindTouch

MindTouch presents to Dionne Strickland, Manager IT Process Dev at Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel completely overhauled their customer self-service experience to make sure that they were not only self-serving, but renewing and expanding their purchases from within their product line. In 13 weeks, Dionne Strickland’s Customer Experience Team took over 22,000 articles out of PDF format, where they had little insight, and turned them into a Customer Success Center that had nearly 150,000 pageviews, 16,500 sessions, and 12,500 users in just 16 weeks. They have dramatically increased their organic SEO, while empowering the distribution and partner channels through their product documentation and support materials.

Content Experience Award
Seth Faber, awarded by MindTouch

MindTouch presents to Seth Faber, Global Eservices Manager, Hitachi

Seth Faber’s team took the Hitachi post-sales website from a minimal offering to a complete experience for technical information and support. They developed digital content strategy including support, engineering, documentation, and professional services that drove product documentation for web (powered by MindTouch) over publishing to PDF. They experienced 45% week-over-week increase in KCS (knowledge Centered Support) adoption across five phone support centers (350 total agents). They Increased their KCS content over 50% per year and are setting the roadmap for future online digital experiences that are doubling digital content interactions year-over-year.

Content Experience Award
Renee Schaeffer, awarded by MindTouch

MindTouch presents to Renee Schaefer, Director of Info Experience at Code42

You cannot embody the Content Experience Professional Persona more than Renee Schaefer. Since she started at CODE42 as a single tech writer taking on the job, she has grown her team to a fully functioning department where she is now Director of Information Experience.

Customer Effort Score KPIs

  • 59% of their enterprise customer respondents strongly agree that Code42 made it easy to get help
  • Support pages comprise 6 of the top 20 and 57 of the top 100 Code42 landing pages YTD
  • 65% of traffic to their Success Center came from search engines
  • 33% (small business) and 24% (consumer) drop in customers requesting support
  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT) increased by 18% this year alone
Content Experience Award
Todd Nightingale, awarded by MindTouch

MindTouch presents to Todd Nightingale, SVP and GM at Cisco Meraki

Todd Nightingale green-lit an entire content strategy at Cisco Meraki that allows customers and employees to self-serve through a multi-channel approach. Unifying their content strategy, breaking down siloed and hard to find information, and delivering easily consumable content has improved both internal and external success. This has lead to a 31.5% reduction in ticket time-to-resolution for their support center as well as an industry leading 55% reduction in ticket escalation.

Content Experience Award
Christine Fisher, awarded by Oracle

Oracle presents to Christine Fisher, Director Marketing, IT at Cisco

Christine Fisher leads the Marketing IT team for Cisco that leverages OMC integration and other technologies to unify information into actionable account dashboards. These dashboards allow Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to quickly evaluate customer satisfaction to understand how to better serve them.

Christine also enables Cisco’s Global Customer Success (GCS) team to target existing customers who have purchased products but are not leveraging the full value of their products.

Customer Success Wins

  • In the first 30-60-90 days, GCS teams can email clients with targeted communications based off their observed “telemetry data” (data that tracks what products and features they have used or not used, frequency of login, etc.), to drive product education
  • These data-driven campaigns have led to a 21% increase in Cisco subscription renewals in one year
  • Data-driven lifecycle metrics inform contract renewals, highlighting features the customer is not utilizing, while directing them to educational sites and webinars to increase retention and expansion rates

In addition to supporting Customer Success, Christine’s team provides customer data to Scott Brown’s Global Virtual Sales (GVS) team who leverages data-driven insights to improve productivity of their Virtual Sales agents. Her lead scoring tools provide a picture of a contact’s most recent digital behavior (sites visited, Cisco events attended, etc.) and prioritizes which leads to focus on first, further enabling the GVS team. Christine’s work in analyzing and delivering tailored and targeted content is a model for how to focus on the customer first.

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