Avalara discusses how they utilize smart content (training content, user guides, technical docs, etc.) to empower every single department within their organization, all while enabling their customers to become experts at using their product with these very same documents. MindTouch allows you to create a superhighway of information exchange that gains invaluable user analytics, leading to actionable measures.

Video Transcript

Tom: What we’re trying to do is do a paradigm shift in terms of that paper manuals, you know, I think our manual at that time for one product was 150 pages, and try to leverage a contemporary view web publishing, very topical, but serve that up in multiple channels. It was about the customer experience not only using the software, using the help system which was MindTouch, was that how we empowered every single channel in the company. That could be our agents on the phone. It could be our sales people. That’s one of the most incredible things that we see today is that now we have this source of truth where now all of us at Avalara but also our customers and partners are all speaking off the same sheet. We’re speaking the same language.

Jeffery: We think of sales tax as being a pretty easy thing to handle but the fact is, it’s really complex. There’s a lot of things behind the scenes and we automate all that to make it easier for our customers to interact and sell to businesses and consumers. There were tax companies that try to use technology to deploy their solution. We’re a technology company that understand tax. About a year-and-a-half ago we had the big conversation around, you know, how do we fix this? How do we have that one place that account management can go to to get their answers? Internally, we were vetting, you know, do we wanna try do a share point site? Is it something we wanna try and look at Jira site Nothing was really fitting what we’re looking for. The support deployed MindTouch and it was this amazing success. That feeling of immediately like this is what we’re looking for.

Man: Customers, as they’re making their purchase decisions, they can browse through and get a sense of, “What’s it gonna be like once I become a customer?” because the documentation is easily available. It’s easily organized.

Meredith: I work with our go-live team, our implementation team, and they’ll say, you know, “How can we facilitate customers going live self-serve?” We could create like a learning pathway in MindTouch and figure out, how do we take all this content, tailor it for each milestone of the journey and serve it up to our customer?

Jeffery: Now MindTouch is that place where you go to to kind of start your search and then from there we can direct you out to everything else. Beyond just questions, can we look as that one place that wants to [inaudible 00:01:52] record for your answers?

Meredith: Internal teams are documenting through in KB articles. They’re putting training content. It truly is the powerhouse of knowledge for Avalara.

Tom: What we wanna do is build a system that was very much in tune to what our customers were telling us. We started out with a simple knowledge based project and then it morphed into all of our content. Now it’s starting to be leveraged in our sales organization. It’s starting to be leveraged in our partner channel. It’s actually being leveraged everywhere so you’re starting to see the growth and the adoption just grow exponentially which provides tons of opportunity for us because the more data that we get… We’re a really data driven organization not only from the products and services that we provide to our customers but we tie in all these other touch points whether it’s web, whether it’s our buying funnel. It’s our NPS scores. It’s our C-Sat surveys. They will tie that all together to where we can make intelligent decisions across our customer base. This gives us a real mechanism to make change and, really, the adoption side of it is really kinda driving that.

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