“That’s what I want!” she exclaimed.

It happened while I was demoing a customer’s deployment of MindTouch to a senior leader in Customer Support. The customer site is CAKE software for restaurant management and point of sale, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product owned by the massive food service conglomerate Sysco.

The head of support on the phone with me was so excited about what I was showing her that it was almost alarming (in the best possible way). She understood that quickly onboarding new clients with a self-service experience increases renewals and decreases support costs. I was showing her how her team could quickly implement a self-service customer onboarding experience that would measurably improve revenue.

CAKE University Training Program

It’s all too common to hear, “We’re spending most of our support call time on training and onboarding.” CAKE software solved this challenge in a simple-yet-effective way using MindTouch. They built guided self-service customer onboarding into their CAKE University training program (powered by MindTouch). Now the team is monitoring the web analytics for ways to improve the experience even more.

Self-Service Customer Onboarding, powered by MindTouch, showing user analytics

For CAKE, onboarding improved immediately with MindTouch. Even better, their MindTouch site has also informed and improved the sales process. How? Well, buyers need to know that their team has:

  1. Consensus among stakeholders
  2. Capability to deploy and derive value

No one wants shelfware, and MindTouch has directly impacted conversions by improving confidence among prospective buyers. Now CAKE has the data to back it up, all from a customer support-led initiative.

If you’re interested in learning how to use MindTouch Paths to set up self-service customer onboarding, request a demo.

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