How important is self-service and customer engagement? Here are five customer experience leaders sharing their thoughts on the topic.

  1. “We’ve heard it loud and clear from our customers…they value the option to self-serve.”
  2. “Customer don’t want to have to call customer support”.
  3. “Most of us, the first thing we do is go to Google…we don’t want to have to call, we don’t want to chat…or send an email”.
  4. “76,000 employees, it’s important the content is easy to find. Up to date. Not siloed. Anyone can access it to serve our customers”.
  5. “We have over 250,000 customers…MindTouch helps them get help early.”

In short, pretty darn important. Watch the video below. Can you match the quote to the company?

What’s your self-service experience look like? Request a Customer Experience Assessment.¬†How do you stack up?

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