Self-service support is the preferred customer service channel. Companies already have the content, but the way they deliver it needs to put the customer first.

Recently I was interviewed by Eric Siu (@ericosiu), CEO at Single Grain. We discussed the positive disruption that MindTouch is experiencing by helping our clients automate customer service. Eric quickly understood how MindTouch is addressing the age-old-problem of scaling customer support operations with an elegant solution.

Customer Service is transforming

We often talk about customer self-service because 80%+ of customers will become enraged when they’re forced to call a support agent or wait for an email. However, the real problem we are solving is about automating the customer support experience and thereby improving overall customer experience.

Listen to my entire interview and see the transcript here:

Moreover, the importance of the field of customer service automation can’t be overstated.

Prepare for the next wave of technology

For more information on the disruptive nature of self-service support, I recommend tuning in to this webinar.

It’s undeniable: Artificial intelligence is changing the world. Are you ready?

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