We won a huge honor this week in Munich, Germany. While attending the SAP Hybris Summit MindTouch won the coveted Software Partner of the Year (2015) award from SAP. This is a merit based award that is granted based on revenue generated.

In the past we’ve won awards for our technology, support and for our culture. However, to receive an award like this from one of the largest software companies on the planet is…well, damn exciting. I was personally humbled and honored to have been present to receive the award. I received an impressive hunk of etched glass and metal complete with lighting, but it’s all the MindTouchers and the good people at SAP and Hybris who deserve the credit. We closed and launched a lot of great new customers. Last year was a real turning point. We’ve begun to help entire industries to realize that self-service customer experiences improve Marketing, Sales, Product and Support by turning existing business cost centers into a revenue engine.

The award was granted at the Augustiner Beer Hall. MindTouch received our honor in front of about a thousand SAP and Hybris partners. The place was packed and the event was festive with free flowing German beer and good food.

Partner Reception Dinner at SAP Hybris Summit 2016

MindTouch wins SAP ISV Partner of the Year 2015

MindTouch Booth at 2016 SAP Hybris Summit

The event was humbling because not only did MindTouch take home a great honor, but our customers were well represented and many even won awards. Accenture, a customer and MindTouch partner, won global SAP Hybris Consultant Partner. KPIT, another MindTouch partner, won an award for leading regional implementation partner. Even if we had lost our category to another company we would have still been pleased.  Every company in our category were also MindTouch customers! These included: AvalaraSprinklr and others. Congrats to all these great companies.

Our SAP Hybris partnership roared to life in only the last half of 2015. We really must credit the many great people on the Hybris team especially Carsten Thoma, Brian Walker and Pat Finn. These are three great, smart people who have recognized that MindTouch–self-service customer experiences–are a key strategic differentiator for SAP and Hybris. Thank you gentlemen. Finally, I’d be remiss to not shout out to Terence and Rei who took a big chance on a scrappy little company with great tech. Thanks gents. You made a great choice.

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