How do organizations serve their customers better within the SAP Service Cloud ecosystem? The answer is thoughtful, customer-first innovation.

That’s the leading idea behind SAP Service Moments, a new app designed to “create perfect service moments across all touchpoints.” This includes self-service, customer service, and field service. 

To help broaden the reach, impact, and capabilities of Service Moments, MindTouch was invited to a recent SAP hackathon. Our team of product managers and engineers worked with a talented group of SAP engineers, devs, and architects to create unique solutions that could integrate with MindTouch and enrich the Service Moments experience.

Here’s a quick look at what we came up with.

The mission: enable customer service excellence throughout the journey for SAP customers

Let’s start with a common scenario: a consumer purchases a cloud storage subscription. A year later, that same consumer renews their subscription. Bingo! The question is, what happened in the interim to get that consumer from the purchase stage to the loyalty stage

A lot, including many “moments” in which that consumer sought additional information on the web, for instance. Maybe they contacted support, or scheduled a field service agent for on-site troubleshooting.

Our objective at the SAP hackathon was to create integrations with the SAP Service Moments app to make those moments even easier. Specifically:

  • Infuse the entire service journey with content that’s personalized, relevant, and timely.
  • Make it easier for customers to get service throughout the SAP Service Moments flow, however they engage a brand, its content, or people.
  • Simplify the development process for SAP customers by providing a lean, “low-code, no-code” solution for self-service requiring minimal training and support.

The outcome: stitching “moments” together with MindTouch Touchpoints and timely content

With the help of Amith Kumar, Director Of Engineering for SAP Service Cloud, and the rest of the Service Moments team, the MindTouch Engineering crew used a Service Moments template, alongside MindTouch Touchpoints and other frameworks, to create nine service moment flow apps over the course of two days.

These apps leveraged content to support key moments within a hypothetical customer service journey: buying and assembling a bookcase from IKEA, in this case. Here is an example flow:

  1. A customer places an order for a bookcase.
  2. The customer browses documentation for the bookcase and realizes the installation is too difficult.
  3. The customer clicks a CTA embedded on the documentation page to schedule a field technician.
  4. The requisition for field service is completed and the field service agent is notified of the job.
  5. The field service agent reviews all relevant job info, including customer/order info, parts, instructions, and directions, before the appointment.
  6. The field service agent completes the job, accessing embedded MindTouch self-service content from their company-issue device as needed (on the fly).
  7. The customer is highly satisfied by this experience and remembers this successful and seamless installation experience the next time they purchase furniture from IKEA.
Touchpoints along the SAP Service Moments journey.
Touchpoints along the SAP Service Moments journey.

Though these “moments” are here listed out in a linear fashion, they are actually fluid parts of a broader customer journey. Through integrated MindTouch Touchpoints, our engineering team found creative ways to ensure success—for customers and service staff—every step of the way.

For more detailed information on the Service Moments apps we created during the hackathon, including a link to the free source code, visit the MindTouch Engineering hackathon recap.

The takeaway: put the “customer” back in customer service

Like SAP and the Service Moments team, MindTouch creates software using the customer experience as our starting point. We ask, How will this impact our customer, or our customers’ customers?

This goes for the apps we created during the hackathon, our existing integration with SAP, and our knowledge management platform itself.

After this hackathon, it’s clear to us the extent that SAP and, indeed, the broader market is continuing to prioritize customer experience first. This commitment is underscored by a focus on low-code, no-code solutions that make these experiences possible.

P.S. A big thank-you and shoutout!

Beyond the nuts and bolts, it was great fun to be welcomed by SAP and work alongside all the talented people working to make SAP Service Cloud better for customers and partners.

A special shoutout to Manuel Grenacher, Founder Coresystems, General Manager SAP Service Cloud, who first suggested that the MindTouch team participate.

Additional thanks go out to: