The MindTouch team is continuously working to improve our product and, by extension, your customers’ experience. And we are listening! Your feedback helps us create a product that enables you to deliver effortless customer self-service and timely agent assistance. The Winter ’18 launch includes four new features that improve accessibility, navigation, and security. Read on to learn more about each feature.

Embedded Contextual Help

This new addition to our Touchpoint family allows you to extend an entire page of your MindTouch-powered site. With Embedded Contextual Help enabled, your end user can view, search, and navigate to content from within a given touchpoint. By delivering the right content when and where your customers need, you can help improve customer self-service adoption. Learn more about Embedded Contextual Help.

Multiple Identity Provider Sign-In

Allow your users to choose which sign-in experience they prefer to authenticate with a MindTouch-powered site. This customizable sign-in page allows you to direct end users to a configured—and branded—authentication provider, thus improving the end-user experience. Learn more about Multiple Identity Provider Sign-In.

Top Level Navigation

Your customer experience is our top priority. Whether it’s your internal or external customers, we want to ensure they can find what they need. With Top Level Navigation, you can create a customized homepage that does not require navigation templates, while providing high-level navigation that is always visible for your users. You can also brand your navigation elements for a more consistent and engaging experience. Learn more about Top Level Navigation.

Downloadable Reports

With Downloadable Reports, you can enable your administrator to download in-product reports to a CSV file. This data can then be uploaded to your in-house business intelligence tools, or sorted based on the data most important to your use case. Available reports include users, groups, search terms and queries, and site activity. This new feature makes it easy to segment and combine actionable data. Learn more about Downloadable Reports.

Winter ’18 features available in the latest version

All four of these brand-new features are available to all MindTouch customers on the latest version of our platform. If you are a customer and want to inquire about, or enable, any of these features, please contact your Customer Success Manager ([email protected])!

As we move into the new year, we will continue to work hard on updates and new features. Stay tuned for our next launch. We look forward to our next launch, as we strive to redefine the way you interact with you customers.

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