We’re so pleased to announce the MindTouch Spring ‘19 launch. This launch includes three new solutions:

  • Capture Manager
  • Capture Manager for Service Cloud
  • OpenID Connect Ready

The theme of the Spring ‘19 launch is twofold: content creation and identity and access management (IAM). Read on for more details about each solution, including how MindTouch users can get these implemented on their own deployments.

Read the Spring '19 Product Launch Press Release

Read the Press Release

Capture Manager

Capture Manager is designed to enable knowledge creation across an organization, all while improving operational processes and efficiencies. Using Capture Manager, agents and other internal teams can quickly capture and author useful content through a structured authoring process that follows KCS best practices. Highlights include:

  • Enhanced authoring process
  • Faster time to publish
  • Simplified permissions
  • More ways to improve knowledge

With Capture Manager, we know it is vital for you to understand and measure how and by who knowledge is being created. Through the Capture Manager Report, you will be able to monitor Page Create, Page Update, Confidence Changed, Visibility Changed, and Flagged events across the MindTouch Site. Learn more about Capture Manager.

Capture Manager for Service Cloud

For customers currently using Salesforce Service Cloud, Capture Manager for Service Cloud is a KCS v6 Verified integration that brings the features and benefits of Capture Manager inside of Service Cloud. This integration also includes some functionality that can help make it quicker and easier for agents to access, search, view, and create content “in the flow.” Learn more about Capture Manager for Service Cloud.

OpenID Connect Ready

This solution is all about helping you deliver personalized knowledge experiences based on customer profiles. When deployed on a MindTouch-powered site, OpenID Connect Ready leverages user information to securely sign users from any internet-enabled device or application and personalize the content they see. Learn more about OpenID Connect Ready.

Looking to get KCS certified?

MindTouch has certified KCS trainers and experts ready to help you and your team get certified

If you are a MindTouch customer and have questions about these new features, or want to enable them, please contact your Customer Success Manager ([email protected]). As always, stay tuned here for updates about future launches.

NOTE: These new solutions require configuration and will only be enabled by request