Content Experience Strategist and Influencers are those thought leaders that are working tirelessly to enable customer success through content delivery across the customer journey, creating best in class customer experience and self-service.

In years past, we created this list internally using several methods to scrub the contenders. Each subsequent year we have updated the process to make sure our list is as good as it gets. To broaden the spectrum, turn over all stones, and make sure that it represents the best of the best in Content Strategy, we needed to go beyond our own reach.

This year we are announcing the People’s Choice Award for Content Experience Strategy. That means you select the winners.

By aggregating the public’s opinion, we are going to make sure we’re not missing the mark.

The nominations came in at an astounding rate, helping open the door to those Content Experience Strategists that we might have missed on our own. This year, we’re making sure everyone gets the recognition their efforts demand.

Why You Should Care About the Content Experience Strategist List

With your help, we’re constructing a list of heroic content strategists. Soon, the final list will be available to you so that you can follow, connect with, and expand upon the ideas that are influencing an entire industry and community.

This list can serve as a bridge to current transformations within the content industry, just like bridging the disparate silos of content within your organization. The innovative efforts of thought leaders enables you to make a positive difference within your own company and life.

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