Maturity Model

Evolve your content strategy to automate customer support.

The MindTouch Maturity Model helps you achieve customer success and enable your customers to self-serve through the entire customer journey. Through this model, you can achieve a predictive customer-focused experience, regardless of the technology used. By leveraging knowledge, setting goals, and identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) you will accelerate sales and company growth.

A Battle-Tested Model for Customer Success

Implement the maturity model that two global consulting firms use for customer engagement.

  • Establish an effective self-service model that enables scalability
  • Access actionable insights and apply them to improve departmental performance
  • Accelerate growth by becoming truly customer-focused

At A Glance


Customers prefer online self-service for support


B2B buyers research online before contacting sales


Less-loyal customers who have to call support

Takeaway Worksheet

Walk through strategic questions tailored for each stage of the maturity model. Consider your action items needed to:

  • Unify teams and content around a customer-focused strategy
  • Capture knowledge with stakeholder workflows
  • Extend content across the customer journey
  • Discover actionable insight to accelerate growth

Take the Next Step

Watch the webinar that shows you how to create an effective model for customer engagement.