Humans are inclined to travel by the path of least resistance. It’s why we check traffic before our morning commute, the reason we grab the pre-packaged bagel rather than roll out the dough and fire up the oven. Customer experience is no different. Most customers prefer one support call to two—self-service over having to wait on someone else for answers. In a word: most of us expect customer effort to be as low as possible.

Hello, Customer Experience? We Have a Problem

The problem for companies that track and analyze customer experience data is that the number of ways customers interact with us is proliferating. There’s face-to-face, phone, and email—chat, mobile apps, and internet self-service. And because this list is so long, it can be difficult to ensure that each interaction is positive and low-effort. Sure, you can hire friendly customer service employees. This will certainly help. But for the web-savvy customer hell-bent on self-service, a smiling face and hello-how-may-I-help-you-today is the last thing they want. They want a web self-service experience that’s on point. Otherwise, their perceived effort will go up, temperatures will rise, and the customer experience will suffer as a result.

Data source: Forrester

Solution? Make Self-Service Content Your Best Service

To meet the growing demand for efficient, user-friendly self-service, we need to focus on support content and how we manage it. Content is the very basis for self-service. Ask yourself, what does my self-help content experience look like? Is it a stripped down wiki or a PDF of the user manual? Maybe you’ve deployed a searchable knowledge base. Whatever your knowledge management solution, it better be up to snuff, because your customers want answers to their questions now, no matter what time it is or where they are in the world. The less time customers have to spend searching for the information they need, the better your Customer Effort Score (CES) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) metrics will be.

We promise.

Deliver this kind of effortless self-service on a consistent basis, and watch your customer experience metrics take off.

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