After graduating college, Darragh Shorten knew he wanted to experience the California lifestyle, a change from the rolling green hills of Ireland. Within a few weeks, Darragh was introduced to Aaron Rice, a fellow Irishman and then COO of MindTouch. Soon, Darragh had obtained a position on the MindTouch support team as a Support Agent.

Darragh’s experience in software development provided a perfect fit for the role of helping customers be successful with their MindTouch implementations. His ability to effectively and quickly complete complex requests has yielded consistently high praises from customers. For Darragh, the end goal is to help a customer find a resolution to their problem.

Don’t Overlook the Agent Experience

Prior to joining MindTouch, Darragh had little experience speaking on the phone and often felt nervous. Now, almost a year into his position, he feels more comfortable and credits much of his success to his team. “I think the culture here has been brilliant. Ever since I joined, I’ve felt like a part of the family and being able to learn from different teams and different people has been really beneficial to me.”

Some of Darragh’s most memorable moments as a support agent involve speaking to various customers. With clients all around the world, communicating can take interesting turns. “We have one client based in New Zealand and I hopped on a call with one of our support agents. We had such a range of accents from New Zealanders to Americans to me, being Irish, that it took about ten minutes for people to understand what the heck was being said. I think that was probably the best fun I’ve had with a customer so far.”

Bad Reviews are a Learning Opportunity

Despite the fun that Darragh often experiences, negative reviews do happen. Turning the negativity into something positive encourages him to improve and learn from every customer interaction. “If I do hear bad criticism, I feel like it’s an opportunity for myself to improve because I know I’m not going to have the perfect interaction every time.”

Above All, the Customer Comes First

With the power of the MindTouch product at his fingertips, Darragh understands the importance of self-service and how it contributes to delivering a positive customer experience. “I think the product is in a really good position to help customers self-serve, which really helps in customer experience. The customer is able to go through a guided path on clients’ sites to find exactly what they’re looking for. Customers don’t have to wait to get an answer from a support team.”

As a leader in self-service, MindTouch seeks to put customers first by providing content in a digestible format. Any change or update is made with the customers’ needs in mind. “I believe MindTouch puts the customer first, always. From designing the product, to the support team, to the CSM team, everyone’s first focus is, how is this going to affect the customer? Is this beneficial to the customer? I think having the customer first and foremost is what sets us apart.”

When designing a product, the customer should always come first. Every experience they have is a direct representation of a company’s brand. At MindTouch, the knowledge management solutions provided ensure that every customer finds the content they need without a high-effort experience. When customers can’t find content, support agents have access to knowledge content all in one place to lead those customers to success.

It’s inevitable that customers will call into support. People like Darragh are a part of why our customers have a great experience using our product and are treated like they are a part of the family.

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